By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | August 19, 2020

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Larry Antwain Mcelhaney moved to Georgia at the age of two.

By the age of 12, Larry found a passion for music; using instrumentals and a karaoke machine he began recording songs and passing them out among friends and family. By 18, the hobby had become much more than just something fun to do; from there Osaze was born.

Going through numerous name changes from Lil-L to Young Sarge, and now Osaze; the journey has been anything but a fairy tale. After finishing his first album “In the Beginning“, Osaze allowed us to see the transformation from secular artist to Christian.

Osaze mixes hard-hitting beats with his lyrics to illustrate his personal testimony. This project allowed each and every listener to connect with Osaze on a personal level.

Being featured on hip hop sites such as Yo Raps and AllHipHop.com, Osaze is no stranger to the hip hop community. Now armed with a powerful message, Osaze will soon be performing at various outreach events and doing public speaking engagements. God’s work has to be done and Osaze is one of many who have accepted the challenge.

Osaze has continued to spread the gospel by using his gift of verbal picture painting, along with catchy punch lines and life experience. Be on the lookout for more music coming very soon.


Won't He Do It | Single (2018) | Listen/Download
In the Beginning | Album (2018)
Being Me | Single (2018) | Listen/Download
Be Alright | Single (2018) | Listen/Download
Amen | Single (2019) | Listen/Download
Truth | Single (2019) | Listen/Download
You Mad | Single (2019) | Listen/Download
Imagine (2019) | Listen/Download
I Wanna Rock (2019) | Listen/Download
The Conversation (2019) | Listen/Download
Turn Up to Da Max (2020) | Listen/Download
All on Me (2020) | Listen/Download

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