Old Man Xero

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | August 19, 2020

Christian Musician, Music Producer, and Podcaster for Tentmaker Music.

Old Man XERO, formally known as The Legend of XERO, is a traveling, evangelistic, music ministry that employs pop, rap, dance music, and costume to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative, intelligent, and challenging way.

In recent years, XERO combined the mantle of a stage performer, a rapper, and a superhero to create a unique “Worship Warrior” personality that was both memorable and inspirational. Today Old Man Xero posits himself as more of a sage in his years, ready to guide, inform and admonish those who walk The Path. XERO bears an image that is currently absent from any other Christian music market.

Xero’s music is geared toward teens and adults who are either Christians or people who are trying to find their spiritual identity.

This is a Christ-centered entertainment ministry and we are here to encourage and challenge believers to grow in knowledge and boldness in today’s world. We would like to allow your group to see what Christians are doing, right now, through music and entertainment. Musically, XERO is a Progressive approach to Alt-Pop/Dark-Pop & Hip-Hop, Intuitively blending EDM, Industrial, Pop, Hip-Hop, and multiple EDM elements (like Glitch, Autotune, and Vocoders).


Enemies | Single (2019) | Listen/Download
Kingdom Minded | Single (2019) | Listen/Download
Wayfairing Stranger | Single (2019) | Listen/Download

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