By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | August 19, 2020

Ever wonder what would happen if you took the lyrics from your favorite worship song and put them to a dope hip hop beat? If you did, you would get Microphone!

With his obvious passion for God, and his love for the hip hop style of music, when listening to Mic you will hear a blend of two genres. Prior to Accepting Jesus in his life in 2010, Mic’s passion was for material things and personal gain. It showed through the lifestyle he lived and the music he made.

After giving his life to God, Mic was reluctant to continue pursuing his music dreams. “I only knew how to pursue music selfishly, so I was afraid that continuing in it would pull me away from God.” He suppressed song ideas and vision of ministering, not realizing that doing so was being selfish with this new gift God had given him. “God said to me clear as day that I wasn’t on the wrong road, I was just going the wrong direction.” It was at that moment that he understood that God didn’t want him to stop making music, rather, He wanted Mic to make music for Him.

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