DINO NUGGETS: Season 2, Episode 6

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | July 10, 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of DINO NUGGETS, FiveTwenty’s music discovery show! Half podcast, half radio show, on DINO NUGGETS each host brings

  • One new CHH release
  • One old CHH release
  • One non CHH release

to listen to and discuss. For this episode Darius is joined by FiveTwenty Collective’s Eric Boston to talk about fresh releases from the month of June, the future of the indie tribe., CHH collaboration history, and rock band comeback music. Listen on the FiveTwenty Collective Substack now! Plus you can paste api.substack.com/feed/podcast/1246501/s/62118.rss into your favorite podcast app to get new episodes automatically in your podcast feed. Tune in!

Connect with Darius and Eric on Twitter and follow the DINO NUGGETS playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.


Background music: Satellite Kite (Instrumentals) by Beautiful Eulogy



GB, JusRzd, & TLS – The Recipe

indie tribe. – CASKET (Live from Holy Smoke Sessions)

Phonetic Composition – Word Perfect

John Wells – The Tonic – The Signature

Anberlin – Lacerate

Origami Angel – The Brightest Days

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