Faith & Spice – CHH Signature Seasoning Deal

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | July 8, 2023

Faith & Spice Seasoning

Faith & Spice, a seasoning company powered by Valido Foods, is groundbreaking!

Valido Foods and Faith & Spice celebrate 50 years of hip hop with a historical spice deal.

Featuring stars of Kingdom hip hop including Emcee N.I.C.E., Miles Minnick, Canton Jones, Bryann Trejo, Angie Rose, Miz Tiffany, and Flavor Fest, Faith & Spice is an unprecedented signature seasoning deal.

Valido Foods wants you to discover the world of taste powering the branding arm of Faith & Spice, LLC. This historic celebrity hip-hop seasoning deal features some of the superstars of Christian Hip Hop and Gospel Rap. In celebration of hip hop’s 50th year in existence and the genre’s continued mainstream dominance. Radio, television, film, sports, fashion, and politics brands throughout the world are tripling down. Now more than ever, the multi-trillion-dollar food and beverage industry is taking notice.

The analytics are undeniable.

Hip-hop artists like Rap Snacks, Master P, Snoop, Jay Z, Diddy, 50, E40, and more are all impacting the food and beverage industry with their cultural influence on products.

Obie Njoku, C.E.O. of Valido Foods, and General Manager VZ Washington are seizing on rap’s momentum.

Launching its first hip-hop collaboration with Christian Hip Hop, Valido partnered with recording artist Emcee N.I.C.E. and his signature seasoning “N.I.C.E. Blend.”

Faith & Spice "N.I.C.E. Blend"

The venture went so well that it exceeded expectations, becoming one of Valido Foods’ top-selling seasoning blends in less than a year.

Valido believed that collaboration with more Kingdom hip-hop recording artists could be a catalyst to a seasoning wave while shining the light on a genre that is making a surge in Hip Hop. Faith-based Christian and Gospel hip hop resonate with millions of people worldwide. Today, even the sync licensing world prefers this music niche within hip-hop over popular mainstream artists to help market and promote brands, services, and products.

In steps the Faith & Spice seasoning company to serve as the branding arm for the “Hip Hop Celebrity Signature Seasoning” deals.

Valido Foods becomes the first in the world to ink a deal, not only with seven hip-hop artists but with seven faith-based Kingdom hip-hop artists.

Seasoning Blends

Starting with Christian Hip Hop legend, Stellar Award Winner, Multi-Platinum Billboard Chart topper, and actor Emcee N.I.C.E. introduces a new flavor called “N.I.C.E. & Savory Seasoning.” It is a blend of black garlic and red onion to go with his already established “N.I.C.E. Blend Seasoning.”

Next, Miles Minnick, arguably one of the hottest artists in Christian Hip Hop right now, introduces the world to “Miles Minnick’s All-Purpose Bay Spice.” Perfect for every type of meal, the name is a play on where he’s from in Northern California.

The South’s legendary Stellar Award-winning gospel rap artist Canton Jones is giving you “Canton’s Chicken Seasoning.” Spice perfect for any type of chicken from fried to baked.

Miz Tiffany becomes one of the first faith-based hip-hop women with a signature spice. Taking you all the way to the South, “Miz Tiffany’s All-Purpose Southern Rub” is for all meats smoked or grilled.

Dove Award Nominee Angie Rose extracts from her Puerto Rican roots. The flavor profile of “Angie Rose’s Adobo Seasoning” is perfect for chicken.

Kingdom Muzic’s Bryann Trejo gives you an urban street classic. “Bryann Trejo’s Street Tacos” is perfect for all types of tacos. Beef, pork, chicken, and more.

Finally, the list concludes with CHH’s most celebrated leadership brand, Flavor Fest. Urban D, Flavor Fest’s founder, inspired “Flavor Fest’s Greek Blend Seasoning.” It can be used on chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, kebabs, salads, and more.

What to Expect

“Artists will see success beyond what they could’ve imagined,” states Washington.

Each season is an extension of the artist’s brand. It is only fitting that these artists continue to evolve and impact their community in a positive, flavorful manner.

Chantel Grayson, one of the managing partners in Faith & Spice, said “All of the unique blends will set the seasoning/spice world a blaze. This marks only the beginning of celebrity-endorsed products  involving faith-based hip hop artists.”

Understanding the momentum, Emcee N.I.C.E. said “All facets of hip hop are winning right now. Including the subgenres.”

“Just think, all of these artists today become part of history as they establish legacy moves in building generational wealth. I am glad my seasoning was able to open the doors for others.” – Emcee N.I.C.E.


Pre-sale on all of the spices is set to begin on July 14, 2023, through Valido Foods digital retail outlets.

Order at

The Faith & Spice seasonings will also be available at select physical brick-and-mortar outlets across the United States in August.

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