DINO NUGGETS: Season 3, Episode 3

By Darius Mullin @iamdariusmullin | April 13, 2024

The gang’s back together again for episode 3! We’re back to our classic format where each host brings one new CHH song, one old CHH song, and one non CHH song to listen to together and discuss. Plus! Meandering songs, twenty one pilots lore, and Tedashii’s most iconic song. Tune in here! 

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Background Music: rollin down End Times St in a ride called Revelation by Terror Firma


Tedashii – DEMISE

Joseph Muniz – Confidence

3RD CZN, Cutright, & B. Meads – Random

Lecrae – Go Hard (feat. Tedashii)

Andy Mineo – AYO!

The Collective – …Avenge

twenty one pilots – Next Semester

Wavedash – Had2Go

Jacob Collier – 100,000 Voices

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