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Ty Brasel, 'Transcendent'

Curb Records / IVAV recording artist Ty Brasel is garnering international buzz with his MAD 2 THE MAX music video featuring fellow IVAV recording artist Jay-Way.

Check out the video for MAD 2 THE MAX below.

MAD 2 THE MAX had its first play on MTV Italy.

Out of the gate, the video reached the Urban Hip Hop Top 10 on MTV.

The track was initially released last fall on Brasel’s fourth album, ‘TRANSCENDENT’. Make room for LeBron shout-outs, synth bass, and tongue-twisting wordplay from Brasel and his label mate.

“Continuing with the themes of purpose and passion, MAD 2 THE MAX is a feel-good banger that is carried by a nonstop flow and a catchy melody,” Brasel says proudly. “This may have been my favorite video I’ve ever done. Planning it with the team was exciting because I knew we were onto something special. We wanted to step outside the box for this one and do something creative, and we had a blast with it. I couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would actually end up being and I couldn’t be prouder of the work everyone put into it.”

In the video, produced and directed by Mike Folabi and his team, we follow detectives Brasel and Jay-Way as they journey through the streets of transcendence, revealing the truth of their investigation. A monochromatic aesthetic gives the audience a timeless sense of space. Juxtaposed with the vintage motif with futuristic tech. The video highlights the song’s focus on their grind and triumph over the opposition as they focus on God’s plan for them.

“The making of the music video felt like shooting a movie. We were just all in character all day, especially Ty,” says Jay-Way who just recently opened for RINI’s European leg of his ‘Past The Naked Eye’ tour. “Ty had the whole crew cracking up because he was so into it. Everybody was so excited and the end product was executed very well. Such an amazing team effort.”

About Ty Brasel:

With more than 85.1 million streams worldwide, Ty Brasel is a contemporary icon of faith-driven hip-hop. He makes music for doubters and believers alike. He mixes rap, pop, and R&B influences with lyrics sourced from his own tragedy-to-triumph life story. Raised on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel grew up searching for an escape. Often turning to substance abuse and crime for a temporary break from reality. Things changed once he found God. Kickstarting a spiritual shift that saw the young musician abandoning his lifestyle, regaining his passion for life, and signing with Curb Records’ hip-hop division, IVAV. Albums like 2018’s ‘Destined For Greatness’ and 2020’s ‘The Divine Storm’ followed. Brasel continued with 2021’s ‘Destiny, Vol. 1’, then hit a newfound creative peak with his fourth release, ‘TRANSCENDENT’, in 2022.

About Jay-Way:

Jay-Way makes globetrotting hip-hop. It’s a diverse sound with European and American roots, combining rap’s rhythmic delivery with the progressive hooks of pop, the laidback cool of soul music, and the optimistic outlook of gospel. Tying the package together is a multi-lingual artist who’s never been afraid to break boundaries or challenge conventions. A frequent collaborator, he has appeared on albums by Ty Brasel, Steven Malcolm, Jude Barclay, and Jarreau Vandal during the 2020s alone, and even teamed up with rap icon Snoop Dogg to add depth, dimension, and dynamic West Coast flavor to Malcolm’s 2022 remix of ‘Summertime’, a validation of Jay-Way’s meteoric rise, bringing him shoulder-to-shoulder with one of rap music’s modern-day architects.

Jay-Way keeps that pen moving with his first full-length album set to release later this year, an album that proves he’s worthy not only of sharing the same space as his heroes, but of establishing his own territory within the hip-hop space, too. He’s building his own inclusive community — a place where rap, rock, pop, and faith all meet… and everyone is welcome.

The DIVE Series: Ty Brasel, 'Transcendent'

Welcome to the ninth installment of The DIVE Series*. I am your host, DJ Expander. Today, for the first time, I will cover a Christian Hip Hop album!

If you read my last article about “SET IT OFF”, you probably remember that today is the day that I will DIVE into Ty Brasel’s latest and most complete album, TRANSCEDENT.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ‭‭- John 16:33‭

According to Ty Brasel in Season 5, Episode 2 of Southside Rabbi, the story of the album stems from Ty Brasel’s life from late 2019 to late 2022.

TRANSCENDENT covers him ascending into success within Christian Hip Hop, going through heartbreak, trials & tribulations, and becoming lost in sin and pride. When he lost his way, he realized that he needed to repent since God’s mercy knows no bounds.

Sit back and enjoy the coverage of this album!

Basic Credits for TRANSCENDENT

Here are the basic credits for each track on TRANSCENDENT. I have compiled this list to the best of my ability based on thorough research:


Produced by: Juice Bangers


Featuring: Parris Chariz
Produced by: Dirty Rice, Juice Bangers, and Joseph Prielozny


Produced by: Dirty Rice, Juice Bangers, and Joseph Prielozny


Featuring: Jay-Way
Produced by: Juice Bangers, Dirty Rice, and Joseph Prielozny


Produced by: Juice Bangers and Dirty Rice


Produced by: Juice Bangers, Dirty Rice, and Joseph Prielozny


Featuring: Foggieraw
Produced by: Dirty Rice


Featuring: The WRLDFMS Tony Williams
Produced by: Dirty Rice, Juice Bangers, and Joseph Prielozny


Produced by: Dirty Rice


Produced by: Dirty Rice


Produced by: Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, and Juice Bangers


Featuring: Aaron Cole
Produced by: Dirty Rice and Joseph Prielozny


Produced by: Dirty Rice


Featuring: 1K Phew
Produced by: Dirty Rice


Featuring: Aha Gazelle
Produced by: Dirty Rice and Juice Bangers

Interpretation of the TRANSCENDENT’S 1st Act: CELESTIAL

I will now DIVE into each track’s clear and potential meanings in the first act of TRANSCENDENT:


‘TRANSCENDENT’ starts with an interlude informing the audience that they are entering the first act. This leads us to RIGHT ON TIME.


The album’s second track is about overcoming (or transcending) stress and anxiety by submitting to God’s will and staying faithful in prayer. This track leads exceptionally well into the next…


Following “RIGHT ON TIME” is a genre-bending song.

The first of three tracks in a row that are the most hype and fast-paced of ACT 1. Not only well done individually, but they play exceptionally well together. Ty Brasel talks about his success in the music industry and how he is blessed, but the best is yet to come. This is an excellent follow-up to the previous song.

Let us make sure we grasp the story of the album so far:

Near the beginning of the three-year period in which this album takes place (late 2019-late 2022), Ty submitted to God’s will and stayed faithful in prayer (as conveyed in RIGHT ON TIME). He conveys the story’s beginning of how he entered success (particularly in the Christian Hip Hop space). This leads us to MAD 2 THE MAX


Hype and fast-paced, just like “ON THE RUN” and “SET IT OFF”, MAD 2 THE MAX also speaks on Brasel’s rise to success. There are differences in this track that I would like to point out.

Ty mentions him and his team being on the rise. Then Jay-Way, featured on this particular track, mentions being showered with blessings. This track’s primary purpose is to convey Ty’s highs when he reached tremendous success as a CHH artist and Gospel singer.


The second single off TRANSCENDENT, SET IT OFF released after the lead single “GOD IS THE BEST”. This track serves as the end of Ty’s story about reaching tremendous success. Like the last track, he conveys the high he feels when reaching such a high level of success with his music.

Brasel makes it clear that he made it through his previous tribulations and only has his success because of God’s amazing grace. He also makes it clear his goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Being a genuine follower of Jesus and a CHH artist means showing God’s love to others and sharing the Gospel’s message and testimony with people.

For more information about “SET IT OFF” by Ty Brasel, click here!


This is the first track on TRANSCENDENT where Ty mentions feeling stressed over the three-year period in which the story of the album takes place. It is also the first track in the album where he describes a heartbreak.

He mentions how it’s a cold world and a cold life. At this point in the story, he’s feeling a lot of pain due to a lost life. This can be found in Verse 1 of the track. Here he mentions how bullets were flying and how there aren’t any pain medications for a lost life. He also describes how he dealt with idols during his life. In the chorus of the track. he talks about being stressed yet blessed. In Verse 2, he mentions how God blessed him with another day and he gives God praise because of it.

It is unclear to me in what way(s) Ty experienced heartbreak during this time in his life. Whether it’s heartbreak with his significant other, a loss of a loved one, or both, I am not entirely sure based on all the listening I have done.

It is, however, evident at this point that this is the beginning of the part of the story where he starts struggling with stress, heartbreak, and sin.

This leads us to the next track, PRICELESS


During PRICELESS, Brasel continues talking about his struggles with stress. However, there is a twist.

This track is more or less a message to his significant other. He talks about how going anywhere together will be priceless. Foggieraw even steps in on Verse 2 and speaks as if he’s sending a message to his former significant other about how he moved on and loves his current significant other.

What does this mean for Ty Brasel’s love life at the time? I am unsure. I care more about how God helps him through what he is dealing with in this particular season of his life (stress, heartbreak, and sin).


LOVE? is very similar to the previous track as it is a message to Ty’s significant other. Here, he makes it extremely clear that he is undoubtedly in love with his significant other. He mentions that he is sorry for his pride, lies, and jealousy. Seemingly describing that his significant other wasn’t calling Ty anymore and she wasn’t around. He asks, “What’s left to show now?”

This part of the plot within the album may just be going right over my head, but I’m unsure what this means for Ty’s relationship with his significant other during this season of his life. I will not make a wild guess and risk being wrong about something I don’t fully understand. I am merely here to analyze this album and give you the meaning to the best of my ability.

It is, however, extremely evident that he still loves her. A great way to end this part of the installment!

Interpretation of TRANSCENDENT’S 2nd Act: TERRESTRIAL

I will now DIVE into each track’s clear and potential meanings in the second act of this album:


Beginning with TRANSCENDENT‘S second act, TERRESTRIAL (ACT 2) conveys that to transcend things like despair, anxiety, and depression, you must be honest with yourself. To be willing to redirect the time you spend with God.


On this track, Ty kicks off the musical meat of ACT 2 by talking about how “Hollywood life” and fame have affected him.

He lost his way during this season of finally reaching the success he prayed for. He talks about his struggle with lust.  Brasel also makes it clear how he struggled with intrusive and evil thoughts throughout his life, such as blowing all his money on drugs or jumping off a building to escape his pain.

He lost his way and had a tough time struggling with sin. This leads us nicely into LOST


Ty asks God to watch over him and keep him strong while he’s struggling in the deep end with his mental health. Through the storm and through the fire, he looks to God for direction. This is very important for the story of the album because he is now feeling low in his mental health, but he is faithful to God by looking to Him for direction and peace.


Here, Ty continues what he was saying in the previous track by describing how he’s been in the deep end with his mental health but still asking God to lead him down the right path (hence the name CROSSROADS). He is at a fork in the road. Brasel asks God for direction, which is important for any Christian’s walk and relationship with the Lord. 


At this point in the album’s story, Ty praises God for helping him transcend and overcome his pain. He previously lost his way, but now he has returned to God. Transcending his previous sin and pain, finding peace in Jesus.


On GOD IS THE BEST, God is highly praised and Ty is thankful that God led him out of his previous pitfalls, sin, and pain. Ty and 1K Phew both give the glory and praise to God on this track.


This particular song was the second follow-up single of the album that dropped before the entire album. After the lead and first follow-up singles, GOD IS THE BEST and SET IT OFF, respectively. A great way to end the album, this track speaks on how grateful Ty is to God that he made it out of his previous trials and how Ty will continue shining.


TRANSCENDENT is a genre-bending and otherworldly Christian Hip Hop album created by IVAV artist Ty Brasel, with high-level features in Parris Chariz, Jaw-Way, Foggieraw, The WRLDFMS Tony Williams, Aaron Cole, 1K Phew, and Aha Gazelle. The production of the tracks ranges from Dove Award-winning engineers such as Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, and Juice Bangers.

This album is ultimately about transcending limits and overcoming obstacles with God’s help and direction. These limits and obstacles can range from mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

This DIVE reveals the primary purpose of this album is to tell the story of Ty Brasel from late 2019 to late 2022 and show people through this story that it is possible to transcend obstacles through God’s direction.

Today’s Verse of the Day is John 16:33, which reads‭, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

In context, Jesus is talking to his disciples here about why he’s teaching them. John 16:1 – He tells His followers that he is teaching them so they may not fall away or lose their way. John 16:33 – He tells His followers that he teaches to give them peace. That there will be obstacles they will have to transcend, but He has overcome the world.

Submitting to God’s will, through prayer and staying rooted in God’s Word, is of the utmost importance for followers of Jesus to transcend the obstacles of this life as so elegantly conveyed in Ty Brasel’s TRANSCENDENT.

About The DIVE Series*

In this series, I DIVE into the clear and potential meanings of Christian Hip Hop singles, albums, and EPs.

In Special Edition installments of the series, I interview the artist(s) involved to DIVE into the true meaning of their art.

I recently became a Genius Contributor, primarily for contributing lyrics for a total of four songs on TRANSCENDENT. I plan to continue contributing to the Christian Hip Hop community on Genius. Check out my Genius page here!

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of FiveTwenty Collective’s DIVE series! I drop a new installment of DIVE on the 5th and 20th of every month (except on Sundays).

God Bless,

DJ Expander

**Check out the full TRANSCENDENT album on Spotify!**

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The DIVE Series: Ty Brasel, "Set It Off"

Welcome to the eighth installment of The DIVE Series*. I am your host, DJ Expander. If you are new to this series, thank you for tuning in! I appreciate you all, from new readers to consistent readers of this series.

Later this month, on the 20th, I will drop an article about the entirety of Ty Brasel’s most recent album, TRANSCENDENT. So, stay tuned!

The lead single for the album, GOD IS THE BEST, dropped on May 20th, 2022. Today, however, I will cover the follow-up single for the album SET IT OFF. The follow-up single is the track released between the lead single and the album.

“But though we had already suffered and been shamefully treated at Philippi, as you know, we had boldness in our God to declare to you the Gospel of God in the midst of much conflict.” ‭‭- 1 Thessalonians 2:2‭

About the Single

Ty Brasel‘s follow-up single for his TRANSCENDENT album, SET IT OFF, was released on July 1st, 2022. The track’s production is by Juice Bangers and Dirty Rice. Ty Brasel wrote the song’s Chorus with Kenneth Christian Kacey (Dirty Rice) and William Josiah Howard Reeves.

Interpretation of the Single

I will now extract the most critical content of this track and make it as easy to understand as possible.

The intro of this track is straightforward and leads into the Chorus of the song, which is as follows:

“When I pull up, I’ma set this thing off. Set this thing off. I’ma set this thing off, yeah, whoa. For all of the days that pain cost. All of the loved ones we lost. All the long nights we fought, yeah. Whoa. All of them sacrifices paid off. Me and my fate in a face-off. I’ma set it off, I’ma take off, yeah. Whoa. Yeah. When I pull up, I’ma set this thing off, aye.”

Firstly, we must understand the phrase’s meaning in this track’s title and know how it likely relates to Ty Brasel. The term “set it off” (or “set this thing off”) primarily means boldly and passionately doing something major or significant.

In Ty Brasel’s case, being a Christian and a Hip Hop artist, this most likely means that he will boldly speak the truth of Christ to his audience and perform on stage with considerable passion and respect.

As seen in the Verse of the Day for today’s article, The Holy Spirit, in every follower of Jesus Christ, encourages believers to proclaim the Gospel boldly without fear of conflict.

Ty beautifully portrays this in the first verse of the song:

“I just pulled up in the brand new Yeezys. I rock the Ye with my Jesus pieces. Sitting in Sunday service, ultra beaming. Lil’ heathen came a long way from dreaming. See what I seen, gotta see to believe it. Nightmares and ecstasy, I done seen it. Satan sayin’ curses, speaking the evil. Angels watching over take me to Eden (Yeah). With my head to the sky. Look around, see the stars align. All the times almost lost my life. Too alive that you can’t kill my vibe. Made it through the storm and tribulation. Made a legend, history in the making. Pull up, I’m raging, made it out. Now it’s off to the races.”

These first sixteen bars were a great way to start this track.

In this first verse, Ty is expressing:

  • How blessed by God and fortunate he is to be still alive
  • How far he had come since the love and grace of Jesus saved him through His sacrifice on the cross
  • How Satan constantly tries to trip him up and drive him to sin since Ty’s belief in Jesus threatens Satan and his evil goals
  • How he has endured many tribulations (spiritual warfare and hardships)
  • How he has overcome his previous trials, becoming a “legend in the making” who is ready to make a difference in a significant way for Christ

The Chorus repeats for a second time, and then we hear the track’s second verse:

“Young Ty man back with the real rap. Not with the riffraff, not with the witchcraft. If you was wondering where I been at. I was chilling, kicking game at the kickback. They talking down, I don’t feel that. You can find me where the real at. I’m on the go, moving real fast. Took off so quick caught whiplash. In the script with a sixth sense. Seconds from seeing death win. Second chances just sets in, yeah. I got a second wind. ‘Fore I die, I gotta make a impact. Owe it to God, I got a sick past. I feel like Ye when the whip crashed. Made it through the wire, now when I look back. Out of the dirt was crystals. I saw the light, it’s blissful. I made it out of the pitfall. Now I gotta set this thing off.”

In this verse, he indicates that he is an artist all about creating real rap that does not conform to the ways of this world (examples being riffraff and witchcraft). Ty talks about how he was at a kickback (small party) with nice shoes (kick game). The rapper also mentions how he prefers to hang out with genuine people since you are the sum of who you hang around.

He says he owes it to God to positively impact people, especially since he (like all of us) has a sick and sinful past. He considers himself saved thanks to God’s everlasting love and Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Now that Ty made it out of his previous pitfalls, he wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives. He aims to make a difference with Christ’s love in his heart and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All by boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Chorus runs one last time, and then the song ends.


SET IT OFF is a track created by Ty Brasel, with the production credits going to Dirty Rice and Juice Bangers. Today, this record had over 147 thousand streams on Spotify, making it the second most listened-to track on Ty’s album TRANSCENDENT on Spotify just behind GOD IS THE BEST (the lead single for the album) featuring 1K Phew.

Based on the given information, Ty Brasel’s primary point he is attempting to convey is likely the following:

He has made it through his tribulations and has salvation in Christ because of God’s amazing grace and because he dedicated himself to making a positive difference in the lives of his audience by boldly proclaiming the Gospel without fear of rejection or persecution.

As mentioned in today’s Verse of the Day, 1 Thessalonians 2:2, “But though we had already suffered and been shamefully treated at Philippi, as you know, we had boldness in our God to declare to you the Gospel of God in the midst of much conflict.”

It is very important for Ty Brasel to make a positive difference in his audience’s lives. He aims to make a big difference by using his sinful past as part of his testimony and boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus to help lead others to God.

In the same way, it is of the utmost importance for followers of Jesus to stay rooted in God’s Word and prayer, guided by the Holy Spirit, and bold in our sharing of the Gospel no matter how bad the persecution might be. As emphasized in this single, Christians should be courageous in making a significant positive impact on others with the Gospel, our testimony, and God’s love in our hearts.

About The DIVE Series*

In this series, I DIVE into the clear and potential meanings of Christian Hip Hop singles, albums, and EPs.

In Special Edition installments of the series, I interview the artist(s) involved to get an exact idea of the true meaning of their art.

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of FiveTwenty Collective’s DIVE series! I drop a new installment of this series on the 5th and 20th of every month (except on Sundays).

God Bless,

DJ Expander

**See the full SET IT OFF music video at the end of the article!**

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"444+333 (God Is Perfect)" Artwork

Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of DIVE with DJ Expander*.

Today, I will dive into a song from 2018 called 444+333 (God Is Perfect) by Ty Brasel.

“And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all His work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all His work that he had done in creation.” – Genesis 2:2-3

About the Single

On March 30th, 2018, Memphis-born, and 4 Against 5 recording artist, Ty Brasel released Side A of his album ‘Destined for Greatness’.

Following that release on December 7th, 2018, Ty Brasel dropped the entire album. Side B contained the single 444+333 (God Is Perfect). He created this single with Grammy award winner Kenneth Christian Mackey (also known as Kenneth Chris Mackey) being the writer of the outro and Dirty Rice being the producer.

Interpretation of the Song

This song primarily came about due to Lil Uzi Vert’s “444+222,” equaling 666, Satan’s number. In response, Ty Brasel’s 444+333 (God Is Perfect) is a sharp contrast to “444+222,” cheerfully honoring and glorifying God.

Ty Brasel’s 444+333 (God Is Perfect) official music video has two counters. One is on the top left corner and one on the top right corner. The counter on the top right counts how many total words are in the song. The other on the top left displaying the number “4,” shows how many times “4” is in the song.

At the end of the video, the total word count of the song is 333. The total amount of times Ty Brasel says the number “4” is 44. Remember, the 44 follows the number “4.” Therefore, you have “444+333,” which equals “777.” “777” is Biblically the number of God, fullness, perfection, and completion. It represents critical Biblical concepts. One crucial concept that this number symbolizes is the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit). Two verses in Genesis convey the perfection of God’s creation by explaining what happened on the seventh day; immediately following the six days He spent forming creation. These two verses mention “7” seven times, making the number “777” (See Genesis 2:2-3).

While repeating the number 7 three times represents not only the perfection of the Holy Trinity (who is God three-in-one), it also emphasizes the perfection and completion of God’s design.

This number represents that God formed creation in a good and whole way. Meaning God created all of us fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139:14). We can start to see what Ty Brasel aims to convey to his audience in this song. Especially considering the name of the album the single is on, ‘Destined for Greatness’. We, as God’s creation, all have a purpose given by God through His will. Since we are all wonderfully and fearfully made by God to serve a purpose here on Earth, we are all destined for greatness.


444+333 (God Is Perfect) by Ty Brasel, Kenneth Christian Mackey, and produced by Dirty Rice is a song having well over one million streams on Spotify. In this single, Ty Brasel uses numerical significance and some of his experiences to show that we are all destined for greatness, God is perfect in all His ways, and God has a plan for each of us.

Believers can walk away from this knowing God loves you and has a plan for you that corresponds with His will. Trust and believe God will put things in motion for your best interests.

For absolutely everyone—even those who are not followers of Jesus—this means that God loves you and has a plan for you! He created us all. His love for us supersedes anything we could imagine.

*About this Series

In this series, I DIVE into the clear and potential meaning of Christian Hip Hop singles, albums, and EPs.

In Special Edition installments of the series, I interview the artist(s) involved to get an exact idea of the true meaning of their art.

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of FiveTwenty Collective’s DIVE series! I drop a new installment of this series on the 5th and 20th of every month (except on Sundays).

God Bless,

DJ Expander

**See the full 444+333 (God Is Perfect) music video at the end of the article!**

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Ty Brasel has dropped the follow-up to his Dove Award-nominated album ‘The Divine Storm’ with Destiny: Vol. 1.

Brasel’s intent? To skyrocket!

The 13-track mixtape glides off the momentum from his prior project which has accumulated more than 5 million streams. Destiny: Vol. 1 is packed with moving anthems and poignant lyrics that examine pain and purpose. Over rhythmic beats and synth melodies, Brasel rehashes his journey inspired by his Memphis upbringing.

“Faith-based hip hop artist Ty Brasel is not afraid to lay everything on the table through his music…” – American Songwriter

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a release as much as I am for this mixtape,” says Brasel. “I don’t feel any pressure. [I’m] confident in where the music is at.”

Brasel’s Instagram page erupted when he announced Destiny: Vol. 1. The mixtape magnifies his prowess as a prominent rapper within Christian hip-hop.

“Whether Christian hip-hop is your thing or not, Ty Brasel is an artist worth checking out.” – The Source

Encouragement, Inspiration, and Good Vibes

On Destiny: Vol. 1, each track highlights a specific theme, encapsulating the significance of the mixtape.

The project was developed at the dawn of a global pandemic. It is filled with a fervor comparable to protestors marching at the peak of 2020. Heavy influences by the likes of Kendrick Lamar are easily heard. Brasel delivers candid introspection as a deliberate tactic. His message is that it is okay to fall, but rise up!

“With this project, I wanted to give people music to inspire and motivate them in their life journey,” Brasel explains. “I just want them to walk away in better spirits. The music is fun, energetic, and feels good. I wanted to pass that on to the listeners.”

Tracks like “Amazing” and “All I Got” are testimonies of what is gained through hard work. “On Me (ft. Jenna Wright)” is a feel-good, high-energy song that goes beyond the surface conceptually. The duo explores the idea of navigating the weight and responsibility of your life calling. A host of Ty’s creative cronies are featured including Parris Chariz, J. Monty, 1K Phew, and more. Ty’s labelmate Jay-Way is featured on “Right My Wrongs”.

Overall, the mixtape is a cohesive piece of music, showing pride in honesty and resilience.

“I feel like every artist featured on Destiny: Vol. 1 fit perfectly into the song they were a part of,” stated Brasel. “I chose them based on who I felt would merge into the song well. Plus, I’m a fan of their music. This was fun for me,” he adds.

Destiny: Vol. 1 is released via IVAV, a division of Curb | Word Entertainment.


  1. Volume 1
  2. On Me ft. Jenna Wright
  3. Amazing
  4. Shine ft. Parris Chariz
  5. Right My Wrongs ft. Jay-Way
  6. Kam’s Poem (Interlude) ft. Plan G
  7. All I Got
  8. 4 The Stars ft. J. Monty
  9. Paradise (Interlude)
  10. Halo
  11. Call Me Up
  12. Chances ft. 1K Phew
  13. Destiny

For updates and more information about Ty Brasel, please refer to the social media links here:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

‘New Era’ is an upbeat energetic record fusing London, Florida and Tennessee, in the form of Faith Child, KB and Ty Brasel. Faith Child brings the flow and finesse to the track, KB brings the double time flare, wrapped up by Ty Brasel who strips it back on the bridge, the perfect melting pot of 3 different worlds.