The DIVE Series: YB, “Runnin’ with God”

By DJ Expander @djexpander116 | February 20, 2023

The DIVE Series, YB "Running With God"

Welcome to the twelfth installment of FiveTwenty Collective’s very own DIVE Series*!

Last month, I dropped two consecutive DIVE Series installments of Red Tip’s single Nino Brown and Caleb Gordon’s single Fruits of My Labor. This month, I did not drop an installment of DIVE on the fifth because we do not post on Sundays.

I recently came across Runnin’ With God by YB, an older song I felt inspired to discuss in this installment. Let’s DIVE into the track!

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” ‭‭- James 4:8

About the Single

YB‘s track, Runnin’ with God, was released on his sixth EP, Provision II, as a follow-up to his fifth EP, Provision, on May 7th, 2021. This is a chill yet somewhat hype track by YB with an acoustic guitar melody and thumping 808s. YB speaks on what matters most to him and his firm Christian spiritual beliefs on this record.

Interpretation of the Single (Part 1)

YB effectively writes this track with one chorus and one verse.

The chorus begins the track with:

I been through the rain and I weathered the storm. I’m not looking to stop. My God sent the angels, I’m good when I move. Like I move with the mob. Tears in the valley, this life is a jungle. I pray to the top. Life is a marathon, I’m running to him. I’m shaking off weights. And I’m done with the fear cause I’m running with God (yeah). I’m running with God (yeah). I been through the rain and I weathered the storm. I’m not looking to stop. My God sent the angels, I’m good when I move. Like I move with the mob. I’m running with God.

In the Chorus, YB begins by covering how he’s been through his life tribulations and shows he’s not fearful and afraid of more hardships due to his faith in Christ. YB emphasizes God and his angels are watching over him in the chorus.

God provides for those called according to His purpose and whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. That is, those who have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts.

YB mentions praying during his lows, indicating he’s been through tough times and that he prays without ceasing and consistently seeks God. He also says he does not need to fear because of his faith in Christ and the knowledge that God will always provide for him.

Interpretation of the Single (Part 2)

I decided to consolidate the verse of the track into one quote. The verse of the song is as follows:

I been in a house with no lights. Momma would pray through the night. My brothеr was dodging a case. I witnessed thе fight of his life as he struggled for sight. And honestly I could see God through my mom as she work and she took care of eight. We didn’t get too many services, but we were blessed with a woman of faith. We ain’t have much, we had us. To me, God could never be normal. As long I live, as long I rap, I pray that I never put on an performance. It’s more than a show, more than a lyric. My question is man, I need Him period. James 4:8, I’m going near Him. I stand behind truth when I stare in the mirror. I know they don’t like this. Game in a tight grip. 2013 since I left passion it’s been a light switch. More like a life switch. The journey a battle, this moment of clarity. Grace in His love, I’m dying a soldier. The armor of God are the tools that I fight with (Yuh).”

Here, YB talks about living in a home without lights as his mom prayed through the night.

YB could see God working through his mom as she cared for him (and his seven siblings). He mentions that his family did not have much, but God blessed them with a mom who believed in C. He continues to rap about how he and his family may not have had much while growing up, but they had each other (and, of course, God). YB makes it clear in the verse of this track that his music is more than just some brilliant performance or “cool” lyrics. It’s about seeking Christ in his life and letting his light shine before others to glorify God in Heaven.

YB references James 4:8, which I will reference and speak on in the Conclusion of this installment.

YB conveys that he was saved and accepted Jesus into his heart in 2013 when he “left [the] passion” of this world and had a “life switch.” The journey may be challenging, but there is grace in Jesus’ love. YB fights with the Armor of God (See Ephesians 6:10-18) and is not afraid to die a soldier for Christ.

The chorus that started off the track wraps up the song.


This record has over 1,300,000 Spotify streams, making it his third most popular track on Spotify in terms of the number of total listens as of the writing of this installment.

Based on the meat of this track, which I have discussed here is what YB is trying to convey:

YB is passionate about his relationship with Christ. YB is not fearful and knows God will provide for his needs. In a broken world, YB makes it clear he is passionate about His faith in Christ and will seek God no matter what.

As mentioned in the previous installment of this series, Jesus is the Spiritual nutrient everyone longs for. This is an important concept that ties in nicely with the meaning of this record.

YB brilliantly references James 4:8, which states, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” Drawing near to God is the primary message of this record that drives home the Biblical principle of seeking God and genuinely following Jesus, including repentance of sins, prayer with God, and staying rooted in God’s Word. YB cares deeply about fearlessly standing up boldly for his faith in Christ. This, and the previous Biblical principles conveyed in this record, are essential for all Christians to understand and lovingly live out daily.

About The DIVE Series*

In this series, I DIVE into the precise and potential meanings of Christian Hip Hop singles, albums, and EPs.

In Special Edition installments of the series, I interview the artist(s) involved for the whole meaning of their art.

Thanks for checking out today’s edition of FiveTwenty Collective’s DIVE series! I drop a new installment of this series on the 5th and 20th of every month (except on Sundays).

God Bless,

DJ Expander

**Listen to the full Runnin’ with God single at the end of the article!**

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