YP aka Young Paul "Eerie Howl"

YP aka Young Paul and Selah The Corner Stare Down the Evil Which Hides In Darkness

“When they ask why you are groaning, tell them, ‘I groan because of the terrifying news I have heard. When it comes true, the boldest heart will melt with fear; all strength will disappear. Every spirit will faint; strong knees will become as weak as water. And the Sovereign Lord says: It is coming! It’s on its way!’” [Ezekiel 21:7]

When it comes to the gritty underground of Christian rap, YP aka Young Paul and Selah The Corner are two monsters that are unavoidable. Lyrically they punch with a force that many assumed no longer existed in today’s world of hip hop. But the east coast duo shows the genre that real spitters haven’t left the game. Yes, the sun rises in the east, but there’s no reason to fear the night. Not when you navigate in power and in truth.

Eerie Howl finds YP and Selah collaborating over production by It’s Knuckleup. The record is a sonic reminder that light does not run from the darkness, instead it has dominion over the unseen. From the moment the beat drops, it is clear where the allegiance of these artists resides. They are facing giants and defending the honor of their King.

If you are a fan of hard-hitting boom bap and perfectly selected samples, maybe even the occasional thriller flick, then Eerie Howl is going to be the latest addition to your personal playlist.

“Do or die for the Lord we ride / On the east when we active in the streets in means we outside / Every knee bowed paying homage / If you rather be a gremlin with the demons then you stay in bondage”

Eerie Howl hits digital streaming platforms on March 31, 2023.

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Song Details

Title: Eerie Howl

Artists: YP aka Young Paul, Selah The Corner

Release Date: March 31, 2023

Production: It’s Knuckleup

About YP aka Young Paul

YP aka Young Paul was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. He bounced around Hudson county for the next 25 years. Currently, YP is living in the South Bronx and has been there for almost 10 years. Rapping for over a decade, YP has collaborated with some of the best DJ’s and artists from around the world. His mission is to create art that hip hop fans can appreciate and enjoy. Simultaneously, YP brings hope and encouragement to seek after God for transformation and renewing of the mind. His hope is that, through music, people will be encouraged to go after Jesus.

About Selah The Corner

Nathaniel Martinez (aka, “Selah” or “The Corner”) is a gospel music revolutionary whose total focus is to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the ears of the masses via the poetic art form known as hip-hop. A Yonkers N.Y. native, Selah brings a new flavor to this musical genre that is sure to not only change the way gospel listeners view gospel hip-hop, but the way the entire music industry looks at gospel music.

On the heels of the release of a slew of singles in 2022, DJ LostNFound has dropped his sophomore album CAESURA ll.

DJ LostNFound is curating this album to highlight 50 Christian artists inside CHH and within mainstream Hip Hop. His goal is to call attention to artists who, in his opinion, deserve a larger platform. He also hopes to continue the push for more unity in our genre. While an album probably doesn’t achieve this. The hope is it’ll continue the much needed discussion.

Fans can hear some from their favorite artists such as S.O., A.I. The Anomaly, Aaron Cole, 350, Datin, Big Breeze, Eris Ford, Battz, Reconcile, and more! CAESURA ll released worldwide September 2nd 2022.

Listen below and let us know your favorite songs and features!

Check out the original CAESURA here.

Lyricism, punchlines, and intensity are not forgotten in the hip-hop world.

Menace Movement’s C4 Crotona is determined to keep the lyricist alive and well in Christian hip hop.

C4 recently created a Spotify playlist titled GrittyCHH. The emcee has curated this playlist with the intent to educate. When C4 was first introduced to CHH, it was difficult for him to find the sound that made him fall in love with hip-hop. C4 has a background in the battle rap scene and it was a task to find music that sonically matched what is typically associated with that world.

“[I was looking for] those hard hitting, east-coast sounding beats. With lyricism, punchlines, and intensity to match,” explains C4 Crotona. “As I have pursued this genre, I’ve provided that sound.”

While touring and performing, C4 has met fans and supporters that didn’t know that CHH could sound like this.

“I’m glad there is someone who is doing it!”

Though the compliments are nice, the remarks that the gritty sound does not exist in CHH are not true. 

There are many artists, both old and new, that provide that sound. Putting a spotlight on that style is the heart behind the creation of the GrittyCHH playlist. It is a place where those who come to CHH, fans and artists alike, have the opportunity to hear what’s going on.

GrittyCHH consists of veterans such as Stephan The Levite, Datin, R-Swift, Selah The Corner, Mouthpi3ce, and Eshon Burgandy. Next to these legends in the genre, C4 has included newer artists like Q-Flo, Battz, Pastor Charles AR, Prodi Da Prodigal, and Kalom Montgomery. But these are not the only artists you will find. New additions to the playlist will be found on a regular basis.

Listen and Follow C4 Crotona’s GrittyCHH playlist on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4VJqoeiKh0H9THi2moHP0S

In life, we make mistakes – mistakes that we are able to learn and grow from. Despite those mistakes and our flaws, God’s love for us remains the same and constant. Phathom teams up with StefanOtto, Mouthpi3ce, Selah the Corner, and Bri3jet to remind the listener that growth is essential to live.

48 Hours is a collab EP from Menace Movement’s C4 Crotona and G.O.M.’s Selah The Corner. The project is exclusively produced by Producedbyshamir.

Prior to the Menace/G.O.M. connection, Producedbyshamir introduced the artists to each other. He pushed for a collaboration song. A group chat started, 7 beats were shared, and the project was done in 48 hours. The EP dropped as a Bandcamp exclusive before hitting DSPs.

Cutright and Selah The Corner link up to let the “spitters” know WE OUTSIDE!

On this episode of Beyond the DMs, host Eric N. Boston (@EricBoston3) is joined by Christian Hip Hop legend and God Over Money artist Selah The Corner (@Iamthacorner)

Selah sets the record straight on “that diss record”, talks about collaborating with the next generation of CHH, and what may be the future of the genre.

#FiveTwentyCollective | www.FiveTwentyCollective.com | @FiveTwenty_Co | ericnboston.com | www.GodOverMoney.com

Sponsor: Nectar Distro – fivetwentycollective.com/nectar

K-Drama drops a remix for his hit record That’s a Lie. The remix features CHH lyricist Selah the Corner and up and comer Lank.

Streetlight Sounds CEO and award-winning rapper J. Crum releases his newest single. This time, God Over Money emcee Selah The Corner joining the Omaha, NE artist. The duo have teamed up to drop No More. It’s a gritty banger that would be equally at home on the radio as on a workout playlist.

Southpaw Swade brings the hard-hitting production while Crum and Selah pull no punches. They are unleashing their frustrations with the state of the industry.

“I had just witnessed a white rapper post a video online saying the n-word. It made me realize how rampant that mindset is within our space,” said J. Crum. “I was verbal about how I felt about this and that’s when Selah hit me and told me we should put it on wax.”


Oh, it’s that time of year again?

In 2020 CHH saw several of its notable up-and-comers take shots at each other. From Mitch Darrell to Thomas Iannucci, what turned out to be a bit of fun struck a nerve with some of the genre’s leaders.

After what we can call a “cooling off period”, it looks like we’re back at it. But is it all fun and games this time around?

It turns out the artist in question was YP aka Young Paul.

On his new track, released on YouTube, “Duck Duck” featuring Selah the Corner, YP takes shots at Indie Tribe and others. Let’s start with this question, “is YP taking shots or simply clapping back?”

Indie Tribe scored big with their reloaded roster and the release of the new project Upperhand. On the track “Tribal Council”, DJ Mykael V delivers a strongly worded outro (although it is not clear if it was directed at any artists in particular or general hype). You can determine for yourself how you interpret the lyrics (courtesy of Genius):

It’s safe to say that YP aka Young Paul took at least a level of exception to what was said.

“Tell these CHH rappers boasting in they records or making competitive statements in their songs and [they think] no one will feel like challenging them…lol” -YP

“Duck Duck”

YP and Selah the Corner teamed up on “Duck Duck” and set the CHH Twitterverse ablaze. 

People have called it corny; some have called it needed; others have remained unphased. While group chats and timelines have been filled with debates of the song’s relevance and quality, very few appear interested in finding out what was really behind the release.

YP gave this statement to FiveTwenty, “I threw a jab expecting a punch back. Then we elevate the bars in Round 2.”

Young Paul has spent his #NewMusicFriday working his Twitter fingers as everyone seems to have something to say. Selah seemed to be ducking (no pun intended) the majority of the backlash, at least until The Crew brought the entire God Over Money roster into the conversation:

Yep, things get wild in these CHH streets I guess. Need examples? The best I can do is point you to YP’s Twitter feed.

Regardless of how you feel, it appears that this is where we’re at.

CHH continues to thrive off its drama. The question is, what’s next?

Check out “Duck Duck” and sound off with your view of the situation in the comments below!