Mitch Darrell Sparks Controversy?

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | April 30, 2020

The tides of war are turning and North Carolina emcee Mitch Darrell is the spark to the powder keg.

The state of indie CHH appears at a tipping point thanks to Darrell’s Harpian quest to quote, “Make CHH Fun Again”.

What is fun for Darrell?

Apparently calling out all of his so-called friends and Hawaiian Grammy Award Winners.

— Mitch Darrell (@MitchDarrell_) April 29, 2020

Darrell has gotten things as twisted as the dreads that he is so proud of.

Mitch did not keep his villainous motives focused on his own home turf. He left calling cards across the country from Virginia to Nebraska and all the way to the Pacific. Now the shots are firing at breakneck speed, Christian Hip Hop is experiencing a real pandemic as confusion and uncertainty swirls.

Will this mission for “Control” tear down decades of progress?

Who’s gonna respond tho?? ????

Mans went at yalls neck tho

— OB (@OnBeatMusic) April 29, 2020


but fr tho stop it.

— Crum ??? ???????? (@jcrummusic) April 29, 2020


— Thomas Iannucci (@thomasiannucci_) April 30, 2020


— New Single in my Pinned tweet ? (@SatelliteKiid) April 30, 2020

We are seeing camps insert themselves into the squabble that was not originally a part of the initial conflict.

From CHH Swizz Beatz Level producers like OB to Bubba Sparxxx-esque artists like Srrvant, no one appears too concerned with socially distancing themselves from the situation.

You know the old phrase, “those who don’t, teach”. Lawren took advantage of this upheaval to drop some knowledge:


this ain’t a subtweet cause i seen multiple ppl tweet stuff. if you don’t like something, don’t take time out of your day tell ppl. it’s not nice.

guess what christians? it’s really our job to be nice. especially those within the body. you are more than welcome to dm me. ?

— LIL UZI INTROVERT ? (@lawrenpolo) April 30, 2020

Should CHH involve ourselves in diss tracks and lyrical slander? From where I sit, we are clearly involved regardless; the real question is who will still be standing when the smoke clears?

Even veteran gatekeepers of the culture are unsure of what to make of this:

— DJ of Trackstarz (@Iamjeremaya) April 29, 2020

The one hope that remains is that we have Jesus, who has already fought the battle and won the war!

If some of our warriors do not survive, we should all remember the moments of happiness and entertainment that they formally brought. Much like those who have gone on before, they will live on in the whispered tales of future generations — unless they really got bodied then no one will be talking about them, like ever.

Is this the end? It is far from it.

Will new happenings make their way into print? It depends on how much longer we are “encouraged” to stay at home.

My advice? Drop your email in the Subscribe box to stay on top of this developing situation.

The point of view on events are those of the reporter and do not fully represent those of FiveTwenty Collective. The writer felt left out and this is his feeble attempt to insert himself into a situation he had no business being a part of. Clap back suckers!


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