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Scribe Music and Nu Tone collaborate on a summer Drill anthem. Duppy Conqueror reminds us of the battle we face goes beyond just our natural circumstances.

Check this other great release from Scribe Music.

Humble, Pt. 2 is the newest single from JusJames.

The record is from the upcoming release ‘HMBL Tape’. The song features 2022 Rapzilla Freshman, Prodi da Prodigal, Weez The Satellite Kiid & Scribe Music! This is part 2 to the original “Humble” from JusJames’ ‘Back in My Prayer Closet’ EP. This song tackles humility with ferocious versatility in styles, complex lyricism, and a poignant message! The beat hits hard right out the gate. This is a great compliment to continue with the Humble series!

Capturing the burden of leadership, Show and Tell is a sonic metaphor for learning to find contentment in the journey. Like dragging your boots up the side of rugged, mountain terrain, the two vocalists scrape and claw through every guitar lick and beat drop to convey the highs and lows of life’s ascent. The track is like a well-crafted short story, calling the listener to re-read its sounds. Show and Tell keeps its promise to captivate and motivate its audience.

Featuring: Kody Free

Candles is an EP written and produced by Untidld. It’s a transparent collection of music dealing with patience, faith, doubt, and freedom.

Held Me Down is written and produced by Untidld.

It was written towards the end of 2021 with the aim to encourage listeners. Seems like the pandemic and everything that’s been going on has been stealing joy. Untidld teamed up with Trutha and Scribe Music to remind listeners that even when the storm starts rocking the boat God is always holding us down.

Son of the Light takes the listener on a journey of what it is like to live as a lamp unto the world. We all have a responsibility to bring light and love into the lives of many who are suffering. This EP travels with the listener and allows them to understand the calling of a Christian.

Features: Scribe Music, Weez the Satellite Kiid, Rockstar JT

Scribe and Marc Stevens are “forreal about this walk” and are focused on sticking to the plan.

On this episode of Beyond the DMs, host Eric N. Boston (@EricBoston3) is joined by Christian Hip Hop legend and God Over Money artist Selah The Corner (@Iamthacorner)

Selah sets the record straight on “that diss record”, talks about collaborating with the next generation of CHH, and what may be the future of the genre.

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Glow is an anthem for living life for a greater purpose. This song strives to reinforce the concept that this life is made for us to shine out and be an example for others. Scribe Music floats on an infectious hook while Prodigyl dances on the beat in the verses. Both painting a unique image of what it’s like to live for a greater purpose. To shine like a light into the world.

Welcome to “The Other Side”. Scribe and Xay team up to remind themselves, and others, that they’ve come too far to go back. Old ways of thinking and responding are only going to keep you from progressing. The only reason to look back is to remind yourself of the storm you’ve just come through.

Featuring: Xay Hill