2022 .WAVMaker Awards Sponsor

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | October 9, 2022

FiveTwenty Collective .WAVMaker Awards 2022 Sponsorship Letter

Greetings in the name of the LORD,


Though ministry is the primary goal and focus of any Christian artist, few things are more professionally validating than peer recognition in the form of awards. For FiveTwenty Collective, a platform that focuses on indie. CHRISTIAN. Culture., it is our desire that any recognition does not serve as a goal for artists, but as an encouragement to continue to grow and advance The KINGdom.

As proponents of unity, FiveTwenty Collective found it imperative to recognize independent Christian artists making a difference in the Christian music space, in particular the genre of CHH (Christian Hip Hop/Rap). In 2018, the platform established and presented our first-ever Rookie of the Year Award. From there, the award categories grew year-to-year into what is now known as the .WAVMaker Awards. This year’s awards show is being powered by the Trackstarz Universe, consisting of a 35k+ follower YouTube channel and a newly added radio show to Holy Culture’s Sirius XM Radio station (channel 154). The 2022 .WAVMaker Awards are scheduled to stream on January 1, 2023 on the Trackstarz YouTube channel.

As our platform continues to grow, we’re excited to see each extension of our platform do the same. As a part of that growth, the .WAVMaker Awards provides a unique opportunity to partner with other trendsetting, trailblazing outlets and entities, creating a physical example of some of the things Kingdom networking is supposed to portray. 

Here’s where you come in:

We’d like to invite you to sponsor an awards category for this year’s awards show. This provides unique placement for your business and intentional marketing to the combined audiences of FiveTwenty Collective and Trackstarz, allowing for effective cross-marketing of our respective demographics that certainly have a lot in common, but could benefit from an introduction. Your cost to sponsor an award category would be $100. What you would receive as a sponsor is:

  • Live mention of your business during the Trackstarz Universe broadcast
  • Logo and brand placement on select .WAVMaker promotional materials and correspondence 
  • Logo of your business as a sponsor of the selected award category on the physical award sent to the winning artist
  • Mentions on FiveTwenty Collective social media platforms (website, Twitter, etc.)
  • Vote alongside FiveTwenty staff to determine award winners

We pray this opportunity interests you, not just from a business standpoint,  but also as a chance to sow into the artists who are continuing to influence the culture and world for CHRIST. Your name featured as the sponsor of an award during the FiveTwenty Collective .WAVMaker Awards would signal your support of indie CHRISTIAN artists and indie CHRISTIAN culture, a mission and a drive we both share. The deadline for sponsorship submissions is December 1, 2022.

We thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you, soon.

GOD bless,

The FiveTwenty Collective Staff



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