On the heels of the release of a slew of singles in 2022, DJ LostNFound has dropped his sophomore album CAESURA ll.

DJ LostNFound is curating this album to highlight 50 Christian artists inside CHH and within mainstream Hip Hop. His goal is to call attention to artists who, in his opinion, deserve a larger platform. He also hopes to continue the push for more unity in our genre. While an album probably doesn’t achieve this. The hope is it’ll continue the much needed discussion.

Fans can hear some from their favorite artists such as S.O., A.I. The Anomaly, Aaron Cole, 350, Datin, Big Breeze, Eris Ford, Battz, Reconcile, and more! CAESURA ll released worldwide September 2nd 2022.

Listen below and let us know your favorite songs and features!

Check out the original CAESURA here.

The anticipated return is official and expected to be epic. 

Nucci Reyo, the trailblazing hip-hop artist from Jersey, is back and is bringing a new style of music to the world.

Initially signed by Don Pooh as a teen, Nucci paid his dues to the game touring with artists such as Nas and Busta Rhymes. He was a ghostwriter for artists such as P. Diddy and performed in arenas throughout the world.  At the pinnacle of his career, Nucci decided to leave it all.

His encounter with God changed his life and destiny.  

“There’s a difference between falling off and falling back,” – Nucci Reyo

Nucci’s time away from the industry allowed him to refocus his agenda in both his life and with his music. 

As one of the first to promote independent artists, Nucci used his time to create multiple streams of funding that would support his re-emergence into the music industry. Nucci launched a production company called Gstate and, most recently, launched the only Christian streaming service in the world (Godify Streams), with streaming in over 152 countries. 

“I tried to make some sound investments that will allow me to fund the music.  Now I’m ready to come back, but this time my name is The King’s Kid.” – Nucci Reyo.  

Nucci Reyo, now The King’s Kid, has released his first single, Gaucho, from the forthcoming album called ‘Big Fish’. 

The King’s Kid is splashing around creating waves with his new song and video that features a new brand called “Gaucho”. Guacho is the latest up-and-coming luxury brand based in Argentina. You can listen to Gaucho on all major streaming platforms.

Check out the new video for Guacho below. Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

Get the latest from Nucci Reyo at ILoveTheKingsKid.com

Check out the full, extended interview from Season Three, Episode 08 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast (August 2021) with Nucci Reyo.

On Season Three | Ep. 08 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast:

  • Featured song “Water Breathing” by Chris TyK
  • Industry Insider Interview with Nucci Reyo (hip hop artist, founder of Godify Streams)
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“The Sauce” Playlist on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63ZSO1AbegtknjTgY8G2to?si=7f574a09c5b0457c

“Water Breathing” on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4Bof4SnI8RV1DKsUzNwfwv?si=7d310670ab0e48b7

“Here to Stay” on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5Wao0zDsSIG92YguuMR2rW?si=8b1c65e6009b478d

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Nucci Reyo the King’s Kid, former secular hip hop artist turned Godify Streams founder, has released his widely-anticipated mixtape ‘This Far by Faith’.

After a year of dealing with COVID and racial unrest, Reyo joined forces with The Heatmakerz (Diplomats, Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane, and more) on production and Jim Jones (‘This Far by Faith’ host) to craft the four-song project. The mixtape also features Grammy-nominated songwriter Eric Roberson.

These collaborative components, along with seeing Jim Jones and Heatmakerz jump on a gospel mixtape, is warranting curiosity from all levels within the hip hop industry.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

From the traditional church community and now to the streets, these words from Isaiah are being pronounced as the door of liberation is desperately sought after with a need to connect to something greater.

“We are all from church,” Nucci states. “Some just lost their way. It’s time for us to come home.”

“The project title, ‘This Far by Faith’, was named with the hopes that the music would spark the memories of artists, fans, and executives within the hip hop community that reminds them of who they are…We’ve Come This Far by Faith, was one of my favorite songs that I use to sing in the choir and now I am using it as bait for those wandering in the dark and off the path.”

Reyo brought in RocNation artist and hip hop legend, Jim Jones, to hot the project because his roots also begin in a church-going family and he knows the power of faith.

He grounds the project with a thoughtful reflection of where he is on his journey and provides timely encouragement to the people needing hope, “Faith in God will determine your fate, hold each other up because they have been holding us down too long.”

Nucci Reyo moved from secular hip hop to a “Kingdom Artistry” genre over a decade ago, knowing that God was saving him from the culture to eventually come back and be an effective influence within the industry he loves so much.

He built Godify, the world’s first Christian streaming app and platform where true groundbreaking projects can be enjoyed by fans looking to embrace powerful music that connects them to the Good News of the Kingdom.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘This Far by Faith’ and support Nucci Reo at ILovetheKingsKid.com