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I guess the wild weekend wasn’t enough for YP aka Young Paul.

On Wednesday (June 23, 2021), the New York emcee made this announcement on Twitter:

That’s NOT Christian Podcast responded with the question, “Wait, another one??”

For those of you who may have missed it, YP dropped a record titled Duck, Duck Friday on his YouTube. In the song, he took shots at several of CHH’s more popular artists. The response was pretty much what you would expect. If you missed it, check out our coverage here.

It is apparently actually “Diss Season” in CHH.

Well, YP put out yet another record Holy Smoke. He did say that round two would take things up a notch.

“If they don’t respond to this one, they can never put tough, competitive, boastful bars in their songs again.” – YP

YP said that Duck, Duck was a challenge. Think of it as a writing exercise. But clearly, the gloves are off with Holy Smoke. The YouTube description simply states “Indie Tribe DISS record (round 2)”.

Holy Smoke! happens to be the title of a record on Indie Tribe’s newest project ‘UPPERHAND’ as well as their upcoming festival next month. Nothing appears off-limits, which may not be a good thing.

Plenty of people have accused CHH of looking more and more like its mainstream counterpart. Is this simply the next evolution of that process? Is the space in a tailspin? The reactions to this latest drop could say a lot. To this point, Indie Tribe has not responded outside of social media postings (primarily from Mykael V). Will there be the response on wax that YP appears to be looking for?

We are here to report, plain and simple.

Will this type of approach hurt CHH more than it helps? How do you view it? What do you think of the record?

Hit the comments and sound off!


Oh, it’s that time of year again?

In 2020 CHH saw several of its notable up-and-comers take shots at each other. From Mitch Darrell to Thomas Iannucci, what turned out to be a bit of fun struck a nerve with some of the genre’s leaders.

After what we can call a “cooling off period”, it looks like we’re back at it. But is it all fun and games this time around?

It turns out the artist in question was YP aka Young Paul.

On his new track, released on YouTube, “Duck Duck” featuring Selah the Corner, YP takes shots at Indie Tribe and others. Let’s start with this question, “is YP taking shots or simply clapping back?”

Indie Tribe scored big with their reloaded roster and the release of the new project Upperhand. On the track “Tribal Council”, DJ Mykael V delivers a strongly worded outro (although it is not clear if it was directed at any artists in particular or general hype). You can determine for yourself how you interpret the lyrics (courtesy of Genius):

It’s safe to say that YP aka Young Paul took at least a level of exception to what was said.

“Tell these CHH rappers boasting in they records or making competitive statements in their songs and [they think] no one will feel like challenging them…lol” -YP

“Duck Duck”

YP and Selah the Corner teamed up on “Duck Duck” and set the CHH Twitterverse ablaze. 

People have called it corny; some have called it needed; others have remained unphased. While group chats and timelines have been filled with debates of the song’s relevance and quality, very few appear interested in finding out what was really behind the release.

YP gave this statement to FiveTwenty, “I threw a jab expecting a punch back. Then we elevate the bars in Round 2.”

Young Paul has spent his #NewMusicFriday working his Twitter fingers as everyone seems to have something to say. Selah seemed to be ducking (no pun intended) the majority of the backlash, at least until The Crew brought the entire God Over Money roster into the conversation:

Yep, things get wild in these CHH streets I guess. Need examples? The best I can do is point you to YP’s Twitter feed.

Regardless of how you feel, it appears that this is where we’re at.

CHH continues to thrive off its drama. The question is, what’s next?

Check out “Duck Duck” and sound off with your view of the situation in the comments below!