The FiveTwenty Collective Show Podcast, Season Five | Episode 08

The FiveTwenty Collective Show: Season Five | Ep. 08 | #1 on Feedspot’s “Best 20 Christian Hip Hop Podcasts” of 2022 | 2x Kingdom Choice Awards Nominee for Radio Show/Podcast | 2023 Spin Award Nominee for Podcast of the Year and Podcaster of the Year

This month’s episode includes: Should Christian artists make remixes of mainstream records? Is it easy recognition and acceptance or is there something deeper at play? Eric N. Boston, KD tha Vessel, and xeroforhire discuss this along with guest host, DJ and EDM artist, El Vow.


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El Vow and K-Drama "El Shaddai"

El Vow and K-Drama Recognize the Mightiness of God on “El Shaddai”

 “Then God said, ‘I am El-Shaddai – God Almighty. Be fruitful and multiply. You will become a great nation, even many nations. Kings will be among your descendants!’” [Genesis 35:11]

We do not serve an average god. God the Father is the Creator, the Almighty. He is sufficient in all things; worthy of our praise. When we look at the mountains and the vast expanse of the heavens, we do not have to question where our help comes from. We know that our strength is found in the one who introduced Himself to Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob as El Shaddai (Exodus 6:3).

The collaborative efforts of  Urban Christian artist El Vow and Christian Rap artist K-Drama have quickly resulted in the two being seen as one of the genre’s most impressive duos. Having worked on the record “La Playa” in 2022, Vow and Drama have once again teamed up to drop the anthem track El Shaddai.

El Shaddai was released to digital streaming platforms on May 16, 2023.

The record is one that simply brings glory and reverence to the Creator of all things. Vow shared insight into the song’s beginnings, “I looked up at the sky one night and thought ‘Man, we serve a big God.’ So I went and wrote this song.”

El Shaddai is the perfect playlist addition for fans of EDM and hip-hop.

Support El Vow: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

Song Details

Title: El Shaddai

Artists: El Vow, K-Drama

Release Date: May 16, 2023

Production: K-Drama, El Vow

About El Vow

To date, El Vow has been featured in several national tours along with renowned artists such as Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, Tedashii, KB, and Grammy award-winning artist Lecrae. The resume doesn’t stop there. In fact, Vow travels extensively as a solo artist. Stretching performances as far as Mexico City and New England. It’s the solo performances that have driven Vow to continue to raise the bar and utilize other gifts that have been otherwise hidden from the public. These talents include videography, photography, design, and many others. “I don’t believe I should limit my creativity to just live performances. I’ve always enjoyed writing and recording”. 

El Vow began releasing exclusive music out for purchase as well as streaming, all of which carry a distinguishing style for his distinctive listeners. “I wanted to leave people with something more than just dope beats. I wanted to give them more substance,” says Vow. These hidden talents have now placed Vow on radio rotations in several major cities across the country. A move that has positioned him outside of the box. Vow’s musical influences include Hip Hop (CHH), EDM (CEDM), and deep Latin roots. He claims to slow cook and season with faith and humor. It is no wonder El Vow continues to leave audiences hungry for more.

2022 .WAVMaker Awards

The 2022 .WAVMaker Awards are taking place on January 1, 2023

Fan-voting for this year’s awards has officially come to a close. Your votes have helped to determine this year’s finalists. Make sure to tune in as this year’s award show is being powered by Trackstarz and will be streamed live on the Trackstarz YouTube channel.

The finalists are:

Artist of the Year

  • Nu Tone
  • Brinson
  • BRM

Project of the Year

  • Nu Tone, ‘Heavenly Legacy’
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Eddy Puyol, ‘Pronounced Pooh-Yole’

Single of the Year

  • LilRed, “Memories”
  • Cutright, “Trophy”
  • Scribe Music, “Show & Tell”

Lyricist of the Year

  • Q-Flo
  • Cutright
  • YP aka Young Paul

Collaboration of the Year

  • Scribe Music and Nu Tone – “Duppy Conqueror”
  • TC, BRM, Hugh Holla – “Little Saint”
  • Trutha, Q-Flo, Prodi Da Prodigal, Legacy – “Resurrection”

Rookie of the Year

  • LilRed
  • Oatmeal
  • Untidld

Cover Art of the Year

  • LilRed, “Spiritual Warfare”
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Scribe Music, “Duppy Conqueror”

Producer of the Year

  • Newselph
  • El Vow
  • K-Drama

Female Artist of the Year

  • Reece Lache’
  • Tarcea Renee
  • Childlike CiCi

EP/Mixtape of the Year

  • Dezzy Yates, ‘Enjoy, The Mixtape’
  • Eternity, ‘Dreams & Schemes’
  • Arrowz of Truth, ‘AOT V.3: The Alien Revolution 90s Mixtape’

Again, shoutout to everyone who voted this year. We surpassed the total votes from last year, you’re awesome! 

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El Vow Releases Visual For K-Drama Produced La Playa

Summer’s Not Over Yet!

August brings about plenty of change. The fall season is right around the corner; students are pouring back onto school campuses; the music world starts the Q3 wave of new drops before the holidays arrive. With so much change happening, Texas-based DJ and artist El Vow is reminding everyone that summer hasn’t ended quite yet. Vow is keeping the summer heat rolling in his new animated video for his hit single La Playa!

The multi-talented El Vow is known for his production and performance skills, having worked with many of the biggest names in Christian hip hop. From Social Club Misfits, KB, to Lecrae, Vow’s musical resumé speaks for itself. With the official video for La Playa, Vow is showcasing his skills as an animator as well.

La Playa features animated versions of Vow and featured artist Halo hanging out on the beach, refusing to let go of the vibes of the summer season. CHH legend K-Drama co-produced the record with El Vow and Drama’s own avatar pops in during the visual as well.

“Animating the video was just as fun as making the song,” El Vow says. “Creativity has no ceiling.”

The official La Playa music video can be seen via El Vow’s YouTube channel. Watch it below.

Follow El Vow: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tik Tok

Video Details

Title: La Playa

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: August 4, 2022

Features: Halo

Production: K-Drama, El Vow

Engineering: El Vow

Animation: El Vow

Want more from El Vow? Check out this feature he did for Phyre Garza!

Phyre Garza, El Vow, and Halo deliver an anthem for Las Calles.

For many, the streets stay calling. The question is, what is the message that they are trying to send?

Phyre Garza has experienced nearly every possibility the streets have to offer coming up in Houston. In high school, he was a member of the crew “The Pure Playaz”, a local gang affiliation. He quickly realized that the rules of the streets come with a high cost. It was during this journey that Phyre (pronounced “fire”) began making hip-hop music. When he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in 2009, he started writing lyrics with a new purpose and changed his lifestyle, but he never forgot about those still caught up in street’s traps. Instead, he now aims to offer an alternative through his music.

On his newest record, Phyre shows that he wants to bring the Gospel to Las Calles.

“This is me engaging the culture with no compromise.” – Phyre Garza

Las Calles is a hard-hitting track that seamlessly blends lyrics spit in both English and Spanish.

The song features fellow Texas artists El Vow (Fort Worth) and Halo (Dallas) who compliment the Skr8thowed production and Phyre’s message with their own unique and gifted voices. The trio also teamed up to film an official music video that can be viewed below. The overall theme is simple, no one is forgetting where they came from but it does not determine your purpose. What choices will you make?

Las Calles was released across digital music platforms on July 29, 2022.

Follow on Instagram: Phyre Garza | The World Rejects  YouTube: The World Rejects

Spotify: Phyre Garza | El Vow | Halo

Song Details

Title: Las Calles

Artist: Phyre Garza

Release Date: July 29, 2022

Production: Skr8thowed aka Beatkaso

Features: El Vow, Halo

Do you enjoy Las Calles by Phyre Garza? Check out this record from El Vow and Halo.

When it comes to blending electronic dance music and hip hop there are few creating on the level of the man affectionately known as “Vow Wizzle”.

El Vow has been perfecting his unique blend of genres and entertaining audiences across the country. Not only does he expertly hold down sets as both a solo performer and a supporting DJ, but he has taken his performance in the studio to new heights. Simply look at his 2022 trilogy of single releases if you require proof.

“Vroom” and “Waitaminute” kicked the year off for El Vow.

His newest record includes a collaboration with Christian Hip Hop legend K-Drama. La Playa released on Cinco de Mayo and officially brings in the summer vibes thanks in part to energetic production as well as a killer feature performance from Halo.

“It’s a latin, hip hop summer anthem,” explains El Vow. “To me, it just feels like Cancun!” 

La Playa hit digital streaming platforms on May 5, 2022 

Speaking on the record, K-Drama stated, “I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with him [El Vow] as an artist over the years. He’s dropped some amazing songs and this song, La Playa, it is fire!

Support El Vow: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Song Details

Title: La Playa

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: May 5, 2022

Production: K-Drama, El Vow

Engineering: El Vow

Features: Halo

Few in Christian music are able to seamlessly blend the genres of EDM & Hip Hop with the consistency and precision as El Vow.

The Christian EDM (CEDM) artist from Texas has developed his craft touring alongside many of the most recognizable names in Chrsitian Hip Hop. El Vow has been featured by such artists as Social Club Misfits, KB, and Grammy award-winning Lecrae.

Vow’s extensive touring as a solo artist has taken him from New England to Mexico City and in between. Crafting original records has allowed him to raise the bar for these performances. His latest single is titled “WAITAMINUTE” and released across digital streaming platforms on March 9, 2022. 

“I wanted to make something out of the ordinary,” explained El Vow. “Big synth drops, big drums, catchy hook, and a Jesus message.”

WAITAMINUTE is packed with energy from start to finish that translates to any live setting.

It is the kind of record that holds the ability to expand the CEDM genre to new audiences with huge crossover appeal. The single was written, produced, recorded, and engineered from start to finish by El Vow.

Stream now on your favorite music platform.

Follow and Support El Vow: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

At the end of 2021, Texas artist and deejay, El Vow turned the “Lights On” as the new year approached. Vow is no stranger to the spotlight thanks to touring with the top names in Christain rap including Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, KB, and Lecrae. His impressive background has more than prepared him to stand front and center while keeping the party moving. Vow comes into 2022 with his foot heavy on the gas as he drops his first release of the year.

VROOM is a high-energy collision of hip hop and EDM that hits the listener in the chest like a deployed airbag. The record comes equipped with a trunk-shaking low-end that’s driven by a pounding kick drum. If the melody is a song’s suspension, then VROOM is drifting around corners with ease. To top it off, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the motor that makes the single take off.

“[I’m] in my lane,” says El Vow. “Moving forward with what God has given me.”

VROOM is available now across digital music retailers including Spotify: Listen below.

Follow and Support El Vow

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Song Details

Title: VROOM

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: January 1, 2022

Production: El Vow

Engineering: El Vow

What do you think of El Vow’s latest record? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Accomplished deejay and artist El Vow has remained busy during 2021…

…despite the challenges of being a creative in the current climate.

With multiple singles released this year already, El Vow decided to reach back into his catalog for one more record before the ball drops and 2022 hits.

Performing alongside some of Christian hip hop’s most recognizable names (Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, KB, Lecrae), El Vow has been perfecting his craft of engaging an audience with both high-quality music and unforgettable showmanship. This new record is a perfect example of that dedication.

Lights On is an uptempo track that is meant to energize any crowd.

Vow re-engineered Lights On and gave it new life with a complete remastering of the original song. The result is a jolt of energy meant to engage Vow’s current fanbase and introduce new listeners to his eclectic style of music. 

Not only does the record boast a sonic experience that connects with any listener, but for believers it carries an additional message. As El Vow explains, “Even in the midst of such a dark season in our world, we can still be a light.”

Lights On is available now on digital music retailers alongside 2021’s previous releases “Texas Chico [Chopped N Screwed] (DJ Ovadose Remix)” and “On Juan”. 

Support El Vow on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Listen to El Vow on Spotify:

Song Details

Title: Lights On

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: December 14, 2021

Produced: El Vow

Written: El Vow

Engineering: El Vow

In 2020, El Vow taught listeners how to Dream In Color with his debut project.

He introduced the Christian Hip Hop community to a sound he labeled Vato Hip Hop. With an extensive background working alongside several of the genre’s top artists, El Vow has taken his own artistry to new heights as a solo act.

As the world begins to re-open and music starts to feel normal again, El Vow delivers not only a new record but one that has a message that is personal for the young Hispanic Texan.

On Juan is not simply a banger, the song is packed with substance as well.

“Me and Loz were both brought up in immigrant homes,” explains El Vow. “We share a glimpse of what growing up in the States is like from our lens.”

The K-Drama produced record is high-energy infused with an ear-catching melody. El Vow and TrilLoz demonstrate their individual lyrical gifts, moving effortlessly between English and Spanish bars.

It’s not often that you get a summertime anthem that includes the depth that is found on On Juan and that adds to what is already a special track.

On Juan releases across digital retailers on July 13, 2021.

Support El Vow: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Record Details

Title: On Juan

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: July 13, 2021

Production: K-Drama

Feature: TrilLoz