Welcome to the September 2023 edition of DINO NUGGETS, FiveTwenty’s music discovery show! This time around Darius, Daniel, and Alexander are joined by special guest Joseph Muniz to talk about fresh releases from the month of July, international Christian rap, the “Church Clap,” concert bathrooms, and more. Plus, is indie tribe the new Reach Records?

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Background music: Hymns in High-Fidelity by Brother Joe and sxxnt.


O’bros – Going My Way (feat. Lecrae)

Jeremiah Bligen – I Will Not Stop (feat. Cutright)

Don Ready & Christopher Syncere – 10pm W Josh Hritz

Indie Tribe – STILL HOLY

Grits – Ooh Aah (My Life Be Like) [feat. tobyMac]

Lecrae – I’m Turnt

Lecrae – Confe$$ions

Mura Masa & Daniela Lalita – Love

Connor Price, Nic D, & GRAHAM – HOV (Remix)

Switchfoot & Relient K – Ammunition (Relient K Version)

Paper Watch – Gideon

Cutright "All In My Head"

Cutright gets transparent on All In My Head

In Jan 2020, Cutright almost killed himself while driving down I-77

While on the highway, it felt like an ocean of depression dropped on him. The flood of emotions he attempted to hold back for years finally broke free. At that moment the voice of the enemy whispered to close his eyes and told him that nobody cared. That he would never be good enough. That what he was doing didn’t matter…and he began to weep and scream at the top of his lungs.

“I felt like I was drowning for a long time and nobody knew. Not my wife. Not my mom. Not my friends. Nobody.”

For a split second, thought was given to what was suggested…then Cutright checked the track record of God’s faithfulness.

Despite tremendous failures and shortcomings, God overwhelms with his love and kindness. God has entrusted Cutright with the preaching of The Gospel. His heart has been restored and he has a wife who loves him incredibly. Jesus gave himself so that we could be reconciled to the Father.

As he cried out in the car, with tears blinding him, Cutright excited the highway…and chose life.

He could not allow TEMPORARY emotions to drive him to make an Eternal decision. Feelings change, seasons change, life changes…but the love of God has never changed.

Our mental health matters to God

I kept my struggle a secret because I felt that as a Believer, I would be admitting that the enemy was winning…which is not true at all. In scripture we are reminded to cast our cares upon the Lord (1 Peter 5:7), think on lovely and pure things (Phil 4:8) to take every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Cor 10:5) and to rebuke the devourer (James 4:7). I knew all these in my heart but didn’t put then to action in my head on that highway. Yet when all else fails, I knew to call on the only name that saves: Jesus.

If you’re reading this and you’re going through a season and you feel like abandoning this life, I plead with you to talk to someone.

The things that YOU are

Someone Who Matters!

The things that YOU are not


God has placed you here on purpose. Don’t let the lies of the enemy, the false expectations of this broken society, and the failures of your past lead you to a place of self-destruction…. because it’s all in your head.

Welcome to the March episode of DINO NUGGETS, FiveTwenty’s music discovery show! Half podcast, half radio show, on DINO NUGGETS each host brings

  • One new CHH release
  • One old CHH release
  • One non CHH release

to listen to and discuss. And this month they’re joined by guest co-host Eric Boston to talk about the vinyl resurgence, favorite Andy Mineo albums, the best way to listen to house music, NF’s latest video, and more. Listen to it on the FiveTwenty Mixcloud now!

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Cutright, "Rumble"

Cutright and D.Jax are throwing haymakers!

Rumble is a high-energy boxing-themed record inspired by 1 Timothy 6:12 of course. It’s a very anthemic record that delivers gut punches on several topics through the verses while hitting you with a fury of punchlines and wordplay! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

Cutright x OhBoyPhresh, "Show Up"

SHOW UP by OhBoyPhresh and Cutright is a HEART CRY!!

The life of the believer should be one that invites the Holy Spirit to have His way! Tear the flow up of our services, of our days, of our agendas! It’s time for a REVIVAL in our churches and in our hearts. WE CRY HOLY SPIRIT SHOW UP!!

2022 .WAVMaker Awards

The 2022 .WAVMaker Awards are taking place on January 1, 2023

Fan-voting for this year’s awards has officially come to a close. Your votes have helped to determine this year’s finalists. Make sure to tune in as this year’s award show is being powered by Trackstarz and will be streamed live on the Trackstarz YouTube channel.

The finalists are:

Artist of the Year

  • Nu Tone
  • Brinson
  • BRM

Project of the Year

  • Nu Tone, ‘Heavenly Legacy’
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Eddy Puyol, ‘Pronounced Pooh-Yole’

Single of the Year

  • LilRed, “Memories”
  • Cutright, “Trophy”
  • Scribe Music, “Show & Tell”

Lyricist of the Year

  • Q-Flo
  • Cutright
  • YP aka Young Paul

Collaboration of the Year

  • Scribe Music and Nu Tone – “Duppy Conqueror”
  • TC, BRM, Hugh Holla – “Little Saint”
  • Trutha, Q-Flo, Prodi Da Prodigal, Legacy – “Resurrection”

Rookie of the Year

  • LilRed
  • Oatmeal
  • Untidld

Cover Art of the Year

  • LilRed, “Spiritual Warfare”
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Scribe Music, “Duppy Conqueror”

Producer of the Year

  • Newselph
  • El Vow
  • K-Drama

Female Artist of the Year

  • Reece Lache’
  • Tarcea Renee
  • Childlike CiCi

EP/Mixtape of the Year

  • Dezzy Yates, ‘Enjoy, The Mixtape’
  • Eternity, ‘Dreams & Schemes’
  • Arrowz of Truth, ‘AOT V.3: The Alien Revolution 90s Mixtape’

Again, shoutout to everyone who voted this year. We surpassed the total votes from last year, you’re awesome! 

If you want to get involved with this year’s .WAVMaker Awards, there are still sponsorship opportunities available. Click here for more details.

Trophy is the newest record by Cutright.

Everything in this life is presented as a competition. Our jobs, our relationships and even church life has become a battle ground where secret pride grows and festers. However, when we choose to hold on to the truth (that in Christ Jesus our victory over the grave, fear, insecurity, condemnation, etc) then we can live every day knowing that competition is a thing of the past. In Christ we’ve already won!

If you liked Trophy, check out this great song by Cutright!

Life is full of ups and downs. Good days come and go. Yet through it all, God will never leave or forsake His children.

Cutright and Selah The Corner link up to let the “spitters” know WE OUTSIDE!

Ready or Not is a high-energy, motivational anthem. The hook is infectious. Cutright encourages the listener to break free of the shackles of depression and doubt. We need to kick destiny’s door down.