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Rapture Ready North "Glowstick"

Rapture Ready North artists BRM, BrodieDaVinci, and TC Boyd the Artist drop Glowstick.

BrodieDaVinci sent the hook to BRM and TC Boyd and they couldn’t wait to write! Glowstick talks about how, even though we’re broken, we can still shine.

RRP North is already kicking off the new year with a trio of releases.

BRM, "Randy Moss"

BRM & Kingsman JE | “Randy Moss”

Randy Moss is a track about reaching up and catching what God has for us. Randy Moss was known for jumping up and catching high passes in the NFL from his quarterback. God has blessings for us, but we have to be in on HIS huddle and running HIS plays!!
BRM, "Bye Bye"
BRM & Miquel | “Bye Bye”

Bye Bye is a track about starting 2023 off on a good note. Getting rid of those old habits, those things that hinder us, and waving bye-bye to them and Satan. God is rooting for us and is there for us.  No more giving in to the devil. No more weak Mr. Nice Guy. Time to wave off sin and tell it bye-bye.
Lil Keet, "Me Too"
Lil Keet | “Mee Too”
Me Too is a song by Lil Keet about loving Jesus. For this video, he gets his schoolmates who believe in Jesus to be in agreement with him and say “ME TOO” in his song and video. I love that he got his classmates involved in this Christian song at his Junior High. We can’t be afraid in these times to say we believe in God, we trust God, and we love God. Do you believe that? Well … Me Too.

J Payne has been putting out CHH music for over 12 years now.

During those years J Payne has endured much hurt from the CHH community. This album addresses those hurts. From being backbitten and slandered to being treated like competition and a black sheep.

To God Be the Glory is to give biblically sound and relatable content to others who have had similar experiences and bring biblical correction to those who need it.

Features include Von Won, BRM, Hilgy, Dillon Chase, Braille, Man Of War, Kevi Morse, and more.

Check out J Payne’s collab album with Nino Light.

2022 .WAVMaker Awards

The 2022 .WAVMaker Awards are taking place on January 1, 2023

Fan-voting for this year’s awards has officially come to a close. Your votes have helped to determine this year’s finalists. Make sure to tune in as this year’s award show is being powered by Trackstarz and will be streamed live on the Trackstarz YouTube channel.

The finalists are:

Artist of the Year

  • Nu Tone
  • Brinson
  • BRM

Project of the Year

  • Nu Tone, ‘Heavenly Legacy’
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Eddy Puyol, ‘Pronounced Pooh-Yole’

Single of the Year

  • LilRed, “Memories”
  • Cutright, “Trophy”
  • Scribe Music, “Show & Tell”

Lyricist of the Year

  • Q-Flo
  • Cutright
  • YP aka Young Paul

Collaboration of the Year

  • Scribe Music and Nu Tone – “Duppy Conqueror”
  • TC, BRM, Hugh Holla – “Little Saint”
  • Trutha, Q-Flo, Prodi Da Prodigal, Legacy – “Resurrection”

Rookie of the Year

  • LilRed
  • Oatmeal
  • Untidld

Cover Art of the Year

  • LilRed, “Spiritual Warfare”
  • Brinson, ‘Before He Cracks the Sky’
  • Scribe Music, “Duppy Conqueror”

Producer of the Year

  • Newselph
  • El Vow
  • K-Drama

Female Artist of the Year

  • Reece Lache’
  • Tarcea Renee
  • Childlike CiCi

EP/Mixtape of the Year

  • Dezzy Yates, ‘Enjoy, The Mixtape’
  • Eternity, ‘Dreams & Schemes’
  • Arrowz of Truth, ‘AOT V.3: The Alien Revolution 90s Mixtape’

Again, shoutout to everyone who voted this year. We surpassed the total votes from last year, you’re awesome! 

If you want to get involved with this year’s .WAVMaker Awards, there are still sponsorship opportunities available. Click here for more details.

BRM & BrodieDaVinci, "Get Busy"

BRM and BrodieDaVinci drop single from their upcoming third album Get Busy.

Get Busy features DeLaCruz and Joseph Madigan and will be included on the project ‘GAME OVER’ that is currently in the works. Take God with you and go out! GET BUSY!!

Check out BRM & BrodieDaVinci’s collab release with FiveTwenty.

Kingsman JE dropped his new album Ambitious is 11-tracks of hard-hitting CHH.

The album came at one of the roughest times in Kingsman JE’s life. He needed motivation to continue giving his best. To accept what life had thrown at him.

Features: BRM, BrodieDaVinci, Angel Alfaro, Taebeatz74, Marcus Selders, Jayknight

More from Rapture Ready North here.

FiveTwenty Presents: RISE Collaboration with BRM & BrodieDaVinci

Life has a way of pulling us down and trying to stop us from reaching the pinnacle of God’s path for us.

It is in these moments where we discover who we are. Do we remain beaten, or do we RISE?

With the latest collaboration between Rapture Ready North artists BRM and BrodieDaVinci, that is exactly the moments that are put under the microscope. The duo partnered with Christian media platform FiveTwenty Collective to release the new single through the FiveTwenty Presents service.

FiveTwenty Presents offers artists the ability to partner with the platform on a music release.

It provides services such as graphic design, marketing, and promotion. As a part of the collaboration of the release of RISE, early access to the record will be available via FiveTwenty Collective’s Audiomack page beginning on Friday, August 5, 2022. The single will release across digital music providers the following week on August 12.

FiveTwenty Collective founder Eric N. Boston had this to say about the release of RISE, “When BRM reached out to me about partnering up on this release, there was no hesitation. He is a guy that we have built a great relationship with over the years. We respect his work ethic and skills as an artist. BRM and BrodieDaVinci have built something special at RRP North and I’m excited to come alongside of them for the drop of RISE. Hopefully this is just the first of many opportunities to work with these guys.”

“We all have stories, a testimony of where we come from,” explains BRM. “It might not always be a quick redemption story. It may be a roller coaster. But it’s time for us all to RISE!”

Follow BRM and BrodieDaVinci on Twitter: @brmrrp | @BrodieDaVinci | @rrpnorth

Follow FiveTwenty Collective: Website | Twitter | Audiomack

Song Details

Title: RISE

Artists: BRM, BrodieDaVinci

Early Listen: August 5, 2022

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Label: Rapture Ready Productions North

Release Partner: FiveTwenty Presents

If you enjoy RISE, check out this release from BRM & BrodieDaVinci.

For BRM, it has been a rough couple of years.

The leader of Rapture Ready North always tries to put up a front that everything is good. But he is not.

All of the dying, political arguments, school shootings, family health, and his own anxiety have taken a toll. Including weird chest pains from time to time. It has been a lot for everyone and BRM is no different. On Got A Secret, he is here to go and tell! When these trials happen, isolating oneself is not a good option. Now is the time to share with everyone that he is not okay. For the video, that message is delivered from a padded room.

Dex of Meek Heroes teams up with CHH lyricist BRM to bring another banger while presenting a Gospel message.

Slow Down encourages us to refer to the word of God and pray rather than taking matters into our own hands. Jesus was often busy, but never hurried. If we move too fast or frantically, we can make poor decisions causing us to overlook what God is doing for His people and we may miss an opportunity to show them love. Most importantly, things will not just Slow Down. If you wait to get around to what really matters, you’ll never do what God’s called you to do!

“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” Proverbs 19:2 ESV

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you” John 15v18-19.

If you find yourself asking “why can’t I fit in how everyone else does”, just remember that you are a chosen people a peculiar people set apart. You weren’t made to fit in this world and that’s okay. Keep your head high Little Saint!

Features: BRM, Hugh Holla