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YP aka Young Paul and Da Commissioner, 'Guillotines on the East 2'

YP aka Young Paul and Da Commissioner Return With Guillotines On The East 2

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;” – Psalm 144:1

In 2022, the guillotines were raised on the East as New York emcees YP aka Young Paul and Da Commissioner began an uprising against the forces of evil that seemingly have America tightly in their grips.

There were no words that were mixed; none of the punches were pulled; backing down was not an option. The result was one of hip hop’s hardest-hitting EPs of the year. One that received acclaimed recognition from listeners and media alike. The raw, no holds barred energy of the first installment set the stage for YP and Da Commissioner to push further into enemy territory in 2023.

Guillotines On The East 2 continues the battle out of the gate.  

Releasing across digital service providers on January 13, 2023, Guillotines On The East 2 takes the momentum of its predecessor and refuses to be content with previous accomplishments. The flag is high for an army to follow. The It’sKnucklyUp production compliments the duos’ lyrical assault with the skill of a master composer scoring a major motion picture. Completing the experience, Holly Boogz was brought in for engineering duties. The final polish sets the bar for the new year in Christian rap.

Features on the project include Zae Da Black Smith, Leathle Da 3rd 7, and DJ Charlie washed.

When asked about the motivation behind doing a second Guillotines project, YP aka Young Paul kept things simple by saying, “the Bible is our sword, and like David, we use hip hop to cut the enemy’s head off.”


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Project Details

Title: Guillotines On The East 2

Artists: YP aka Young Paul, Da Commissioner

Release Date: January 13, 2023

Production: It’sKnuckleUp

Engineering: Holly Boogz

Features: Zae Da Black Smith, Leathle Da 3rd 7, DJ Charlie washed

Track Listing

Sweet Jesus

Swords For The Evil

Executioners From Zion

Invincible Armor

Beheading The Hell Raiser

Crimes (ft. DJ Charlie washed)

The 4 Swordsmen (ft. Zae Da Black Smith, Leathle Da 3rd 7)

Guest Contributor: Srrvant

Zae Da Blacksmith has just released his new project Irons In The Fire which is a 13 song, almost hour-long Christcentric Release.

For 2020 that is almost unheard of, but Zae does not seem to care about that nor does he seem to care about how popular the boom-bap style is or is not as it is on full display throughout the record.

He discusses this very idea on the opening track “Go Do!” in which he states his love for lyricism and boom bap and not caring about its relevance…

“If it is for you then it is for you.”

“Unga Bunga” makes this more clear as Zae states that he “wants tough beats and hard bars without singing to praise the Lord.”

This approach is as refreshing as his no hold barred honesty throughout the record.

In a world full of Spotify singles, Zae has stated on his Instagram that he preferred you to listen to the record from start to finish and not simply pick out tracks. Another rarity, but when you follow the instructions, there does seem to be a narrative that he is trying to point out.

“Go Do!”, “Tactics”, and “Back in Babylon” seem to be tracks calling for action of being uncommon, nonconforming and considering Christ in everything all the while pursuing more devotion to Him.

“The Hand of God” discusses Zae’s failings as a good worker and the Lord’s providence through that. The track also gives the history of the forming of The Collective in which he inserts the exciting possibility of a reunion.

“Unga Bunga”, “Brown Sugar”, and “The Label” discuss Zae’s musical journey.”Unga Bunga” discusses the style in which Zae prefers to communicate even if it may make him seem old, outdated, or a caveman.

“Brown Sugar” has a love song feel to hip hop itself and how he fell in love with the music, his need to step away, and then his call to return. “The Label” discusses it’s formation.

“Pity Fool Pt.1” is probably my personal favorite as Zae goes in-depth about his failings and flakiness as an artist.

It would be easy for someone to run from this or defend himself against the accusations, but Zae owns it and asks for forgiveness. “Have pity on me, Lord, I’m a mess, I’m not deserving of your goodness Lord, I’m unworthy to be blessed, I’m a grace abuser a straight-up loser” He raps with sincerity.

From this point, the record takes another turn in the narrative and “Invoked”, “Moving In”, and “Passport” all deal with Zae’s personal relationship to Christ.

“Invoked” discusses Zae’s zeal and strength coming from scripture and his maturity coming from the spirit, all by the work of Christ.Off the mic, Zae is a firefighter, “Moving In” and “Pity Fool Pt.1” deal with some of his struggles between that and music.

“Moving In” especially deals with the immediate danger of being a first responder, but in a more “the Lord only knows how we will go” sort of way. It is a somber track, but a great reminder that ultimately the Lord guides all of our actions.

“Raices” is a completely Spanish track as is the final verse on “Invoked”, which Zae has discussed as something in which he is particularly called to do. My Spanish is no longer fluent these days so I will not try to dissect these.

“Platoon” discusses a topic that is close to my heart as well.As a husband, you are the leader in a family. Zae unveils how self-sacrificial and serious the calling of being a family man is and how ambition is found from scripture and money is not simply for ourselves. Christ is the model man and we are to exemplify that.

“Passport” has a very missional feel to it that we are called to follow Christ no matter where He may call us.At the end of the day, you can tell that this is a Christcentric record.

Great theology with grimy beats and quotable bars. Zae made us wait a long time for this release, but it was well worth it.