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Hip-Hop mega collective and community The Listening Session (TLS) release their second official single, Cypher II featuring Weez the Satellite Kiid, Trutha, Mic Wise, JusRzd, and LEÓN produced by ADØE, Opto Music, and Wayne Klassik. This single contains elements of boom bap as well as a switch up to lo-fi and trap elements.

Humble, Pt. 2 is the newest single from JusJames.

The record is from the upcoming release ‘HMBL Tape’. The song features 2022 Rapzilla Freshman, Prodi da Prodigal, Weez The Satellite Kiid & Scribe Music! This is part 2 to the original “Humble” from JusJames’ ‘Back in My Prayer Closet’ EP. This song tackles humility with ferocious versatility in styles, complex lyricism, and a poignant message! The beat hits hard right out the gate. This is a great compliment to continue with the Humble series!

On Season Three |  Ep. 12 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast:

  • Featured song “Motivation” by Weez the Satellite Kiid, Nachaash, Adoe
  • Industry Insider Interview with Sto, Everybody’s Hip Hop
  • .WAVMaker Awards 2021 Finalists
  • Music by DJ Barrcode/Barrcode Beats

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“The Sauce” playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63ZSO1AbegtknjTgY8G2to?si=7f574a09c5b0457c

“Motivation” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1s4i5dhEHiabnESxAyYL3I?si=6063ac7b1c6d4aa7

“Boom Bap Review Vol. 3: 2021”: https://www.boombapreview.com/

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The Philadelphia up and comer, Microphone, teamed up with Weez The Satellite Kiid and King Manifest. Big Dawg Energy is a hard-hitting single produced by YJO!

Weez the Satellite Kiid kicks off the holiday season with Motivation.

With a unique sound and artistry that is rarely found in Christian hip hop, Weez the Satellite Kiid is finishing 2021 strong.

It all starts with a high dose of Motivation. The emcee, and native Texan, has been carving out his lane as a solo artist since breaking onto the CHH landscape as a part of the acclaimed group ARTificial Christian.

Weez teamed up with fellow CHH artist Nachaash and producer Adøe to remind the genre what inspired music sounds like. The record Motivation is the end product of the talented trio’s effort. Do not let anyone tell you that good music doesn’t drop during Q4. 

Motivation hits digital music retailers on November 12, 2021

Nachaash (LA/TX) has broken out in a big way in 2021 behind the strength of multiple singles including the ear-catching “Long Way” with International Show. Adøe (SC) has established himself as a standout among up-and-coming producers having production credits for artists Nachaash, Prodigyl & Rockstar JT, and more.

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Weez the Satellite Kiid on InstagramWeez the Satellite Kiid, do what “The Satellite” did.

Adøe – https://solo.to/adoebeatz | Nachaash – https://solo.to/nachaash 

Song Details

Title: Motivation

Artist: Weez the Satellite Kiid, Nachaash, Adøe

Release Date: November 12, 2021

Production: Adøe

Son of the Light takes the listener on a journey of what it is like to live as a lamp unto the world. We all have a responsibility to bring light and love into the lives of many who are suffering. This EP travels with the listener and allows them to understand the calling of a Christian.

Features: Scribe Music, Weez the Satellite Kiid, Rockstar JT

Prodigyl and Weez the Satellite Kiid team up on this energetic and fierce anthem. Gimme My Space (G.M.S.) is the second single from the upcoming EP ‘Son of the Light’. This track hits the listener like a train as the beat drops and they are taken on a journey filled with ferocious hooks and rhythmic verses. The song speaks about determination and hope. How all things are possible with the right attitude. This song is a warning to the world to be ready for the fight

Untdld has released his latest single Blind Faith which features QEW and Weez the Satellite Kiid. Blind Faith is a reminder to always place faith in God no matter what. This last year and a half has been a very challenging year. It definitely tested the faith of many but those with strong faith didn’t waver.

” Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen” – Hebrews 11:1

With an aggressive edge and an infectious hook, Microphone kicks off the #MicrophoneMonday series in style.

Philly Christian Hip Hop artist Microphone is creating a new movement in 2021.

#MicrophoneMonday will be a monthly experience as Mic drops new music each month. His first single of the new year hits digital retailers on January 18th, which also happens to be Mic’s birthday!

“Through It All” comes in partnership with FiveTwenty Collective’s brand, FiveTwenty Presents. Mic also enlisted the support of fellow CHH artist Weez the Satellite Kiid to hold it down on the hook.

The song has an aggressive edge as Microphone continues to introduce himself to a larger audience. “It is one of my favorite tracks in a while,” Mic exclaims. The finished product is a much needed, high energy, message intended to begin 2021 off on a high note.

“I was able to work on a couple of things with Mic last year,” explains FiveTwenty Collective founder Eric N. Boston. “He’s a genuine, down to earth guy. When I got the opportunity to check out Through It All, I jumped at the chance to work with him through our FiveTwenty Presents brand.”

Pre-Order “Through It All” now, Listen on release: https://t.co/H9LzHeSTBx

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