In this episode of #NBBARadio, we talk about From the Outside Looking In, and unbeliever’s perspective on faith, God, and spiritual matters, and we use the C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters as a foundation to make some of our points. The Screwtape Letters is a book that C.S.Lewis wrote from a demon’s perspective of how to damage a believer’s life, and yes, the show gets rather interesting, so pay attention.

On our Artist Development Segment, we tackle the topic, The Evil Subtleties of Musicianship. We all know that satan was the worship leader in heaven, and how he chooses to drive a wedge between himself and the church, and anyway he can use christian musicians to accomplish that. So this is a message to artist, no matter what genre to be aware of their surroundings, and how to keep the Gospel the main thing.

Last but not least, this week’s playlist:
– Our Future by Versatile
– King Thing by Royal Life Squad
– Battle Disguised by Hyun Sinne
– On My Way Up by Th3rdClass
– Heart by DaBoomSha feat. XL2Letters & Doktor Santi
– Rule You by Brotha Donnell
– The Anthem by Emelda
– Happy Hour by Andre Nostalgic feat. Glory

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