On Season Three | Ep. 10 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast:

  • Featured song “Man Down” by Legacy
  • Industry Insider Interview with Andre Mullen of UGM Digital
  • Convo: “Christian Rap’s Mt. Rushmore, Pt. 2”
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  • Music by DJ Barrcode | Barrcode Beats

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It is a must for DJs and independent Christian Hip Hop artists need to add it to their toolbox as well.

“More than a record pool”, UGM Digital started in 2019. The goal was to provide DJs with high-quality, clean music. Two years later they host the largest collection of positive music on the planet.

UGM has its roots deep in the Christian Hip Hop industry. The company works with the genre’s biggest names including illect Recordings, Reach Records, and goodcity.  They also have featured partnerships with notable DJs such as JIMMY ROCK, DJ Sean Blu, DJ Tony Tone, DJ I Rock Jesus, and more. What started as a simple question (How can DJs get access to high-quality music?) has grown into a movement in and of itself.

Working alongside artists, producers, and DJs around the globe, UGM has become a go-to source for the creative community.

“I’ve seen few truly progressive platforms in the record pool space in my 24 years in the music buisness. UGM Digital is listening and adapting. I can’t say enough about how much I believe in their platform.” – Josh Niemyjski, Founder, Sphere of Hip-Hop

Sure, landing on playlists is cool…

…however, according to Andre Mullen (UGM Digital Founder), “it’s DJs that break records.”

“UGM Digital puts artists’ music in the hands of DJs, who are tastemakers in their own right. What better way to build momentum and exposure for a record than with a DJ with a platform?” – Mullen

Ultimately, all artists are looking to be “discovered”. UGM is helping DJs and producers redefine their experience through artist discovery and exposure. That is why they are branded as more than a record pool. The company is a curator for the latest music. Take into account the partnerships with brands, labels, and radio stations and you have an ecosystem where the artists are growing!

“We’re servicing three distinct groups of people – DJs, producers, and artists. DJs and producers get high quality audio files, including acapella and instrumental, of the latest music for blends and remixes. Additionally, they don’t have to search for music. Everything is available for them on our platform. Artists get their music marketed and promoted within the pool and our community of DJs.” – Mullen

Submissions to UGM comes at no cost to the artist.

The only thing you need to invest is a little time.

Artists need to simply follow the clearly described submission process and submit via email. If your record is approved, both the artist and DJs who are subscribed to the service receive notice that your song is a new addition. I guess you could continue to “wait and see” if your song lands a big playlist placement, or you could take your chances with individuals who have true industry ties. Mullen himself has been part of the music industry for nearly 30 years.

UGM is continuing to grow its partnerships as well.

Clear Hits Radio, Wisconsin’s first Christian Hip Hop station, entered into an official partnership with UGM Digital in June. Why is this noteworthy? The partnership creates an opportunity for artists to receive monetization from their music. At the same time, the online station gains greater access to music to share with its listeners.

UGM also recently announced a partnership with The Indie Artist Help Desk.

This partnership finds UGM settling into a host capacity on the popular app Clubhouse. Mullen, and others, will host a bi-weekly virtual room in The Indie Artist Help Desk’s club. The title of their room is “BPM + Key”.

The goal of this room is to help teach artists and creatives how to present good music to the marketplace. Beginning on June 30, 2021, “BPM + Key” will be live every other Wednesday.

So my challenge to you, independent Christian Hip Hop artist, is to take some time and digest the service that UGM Digital offers.

Is it for you? Maybe it’s not. However, my guess is that you’ll find it difficult to come up with a legitimate reason to not submit your music. 

If we want to continue seeing growth in the genre, and you want to take steps towards music being a full-time commitment, then taking advantage of opportunities that companies like UGM offers is essential. And before anyone begins pointing fingers, no UGM did not approach us looking for coverage. At FiveTwenty our goal from the beginning has been to equip indie artists with the knowledge to help them build towards their dreams. Once we discovered UGM and what they are bringing to the table, it was simply a no-brainer to pass the info along.

It is pretty simple. You can continue to hope that your distribution company of choice and the DSPs show you some favor with their algorithms, or you can begin taking more control of your journey. The choice is yours. Just don’t say that FiveTwenty didn’t try to educate you when we could.

More coming soon…