Provided we all can agree that in this life, things come at us at lightning speed, how do we distinguish the blessings from the traps. Sounds like a simple enough question but in serving a God that turns negatives into positives and that allows us to go through the flames… but how do we really know? Is it a feeling? A voice? A theme that only He could have engineered? Or is it all in our heads? In this episode of the #NBBARadio Show, we will be discussing how to discern between the instances and circumstances that make up our human experience and where they originate from.

Secondly, we take a visit to the ever infamous Conspiracy Corner, and discuss the general consensus about the state of our government. We also talk about the concerns around mandated programs such as vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride, and the presidential elections to name a few.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Alien Revolution Cypher by Arrowz Of Truth feat. Izreal Graham, Maddlines, Rkitect, Swinn Da Example & Zaydok the Godhop MC
– Saturday Mourning by Illsamar feat. DMTrumpet
– The Longest Fall by Shyne On Me feat. Kayla Starks
– Sold Lies by Roberto and Danny
– Till I Fall by Delon
– Me vs. Me by Xempt feat. Scribe Music
– Diamond Clear by Cloak the Scribe
– Still Running It by Rob Allen
– Roots by Arnold Clifax Jr.

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