In Matthew 5, I believe that Jesus lays out the Art of Being in which scholars and theologists have called the Beatitudes, which is 8 principles layed out by Christ on how to live and obtain blessing from God. In this week’s episode of the Not By Bread Alone Radio show, we break down these 8 principles much deeper, and encourage the listeners to excel in these 8 areas of their lives.

Secondly, we just so happen to air on Christmas Day, so we dare to ask the question, “Why the Nativity?”. We talk about the birth of Christ Jesus, and why it was so significant. We also, share some of our most cherished Christmas Day traditions, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Good Riddance by Dru Bex
– Celebration by Tymon
– Born in Bethlehem by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Love Unconditional by TROMP
– Times Like This by JustPierre ft. JeVo’n & Patience
– One Path by Big Glenn, RNF Status & Pacaso Ramirez
– Mercenaries by Freestyle Fam
– Golden Arrowz by Arrowz of Truth feat. 3D Remedy, Swinn, Deadman Walk​, ​Gospel City​,​ Pryzna
– Illusion by Radical Child

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