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There are Two Kinda Loves.

There’s the worldly love which is conditional and laced with motives. At it’s core is driven by selfishness. Then there’s God’s Love which is unconditional never changing, This type of love is wrapped with loyalty, mercy, grace, steadfast, and longsuffering with a covenantal everlasting promise. TC lived most of his life knowing the former type of love. Thinking it was the only one, until he met the latter. It completely change his life for the better.

Glory Up is a follow-up to Hugh Holla’s ‘Holla-Lujah’ project. It is his second collection of tracks in the Christian Hip-Hop space. Hugh aims to continue using titles that give praise to the Most High. Every track displays praise, testimony, and encouragement. Glory Up has a classic hip-hop feel with traditional boom-bap beats that are pleasing to listeners!

Features: TC, Bernard Germaine, Saint Jones

Following a solid single release of “Superbia”, TC aims to continue strong with his second single Chastise. God chastens those He loves. The fruit of that can yield righteousness to those who have been trained by it, Hebrews 12:6-11. The song talks about running from it, not wanting to accept it, not understanding God’s chastening, ultimately surrendering to it, and seeing God’s love in its truest form.

Superbia is the Latin word for “pride”. This song takes you inside the inner workings of pride. Discovering the ways it tries to hijack your life, with its lies and empty promises.

A song with a basic, but essential, message that we, as the body of Christ, should be willing and committed to praying for one another. Lifting up those that have fallen or struggled, and keep our focus on Christ and His mission.

A story about rejection and how it can hinder your walk with God, About your capacity to love others. God was wanting a deeper level of love there was something that kept hindering that growth.

Have you been pulled out of the “mud”, the filth and sin your life? Many of us are rolling around in it, but God is ready to meet us right there and offer His hand.