Choosing this Christian lifestyle has its ups and definitely its downs. In this week’s episode of Not By Bread Alone, we’re going to explore that time that makes us all squirm a bit… that alone time with our heavenly Father. It seems like sometimes we want it… but surprisingly enough… sometimes He wants it too… even to the point of getting us alone. We explore the reasons why these divine appointments with God are so important, we he desires them, and what is it that we aim to gain from spending time with the Father. So ask yourself, are you in solitary confinement?

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Pray for Me by AsheeshGodsMc
– You by Godz Warriah feat. Howard Durham
– Fire Back by Big Glenn
– Through It All by JustMan
– Act a Fool by Arrested Development feat. Khao
– True Indeed by RNF
– Do You Love Me by Cam
– Paradise by K.H.A.M.
– I Still Love Them by David Singleten

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