There’s an unwritten agenda in America – it seems like. You have Conspiracy Theorist, then you have people that see things, and instead of assuming, you gather facts, connect the dots, and come up with educated conclusions. In the past, you had slaves, that knew they were slaves, the were forced slaves, and lived in a slave atmosphere with slave-like accustoms to their lifestyles. Today, there’s a New Slavery – This slavery is an almost volunteered slavery – it’s enticement, it’s distraction, it’s wrapped around pleasure and immoralities that are showcased in a way to highlight immorality as moral justifications. This is what #NBBARadio is calling “The New Slavery Agenda”. Come Listen as we talk about it with our Special Guest David Singleten.

Secondly, we interview David Singleten, and talk about his upcoming, his storytelling abilities as rapper, and where that came from. How significant is the term “Christian” to him as an artist. What people can expect from his album, and much more. If you would like to know more about David Singleten, his music, and his ministry, please visit:

Last but not least, our playlist:
– In You Alone by David Singleten
– Galatians 6-9 by David Singleten
– I’ve Been Praying by David Singleten
– Introducing Satan by David Singleten
– Wait by David Singleten
– Dad Was Locked Up by David Singleten (Levi’s Story)
– Lately by David Singleten
– Trapped in Sin by David Singleten
– I Still Love Them by David Singleten
– Holy by David Singleten
– All of It by David Singleten

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