After a Month Long Hiatus, #NBBARadio is back with this week’s episode, Don’t Call It A Comeback! But being away for a month just reminded us, that we need to rest, and how important rest is, so we decide to go in about Spiritual and Physical rest. Why are both necessary? When and if, we should take breaks away from our ministry? And much more, some very hard hitting lessons in this topic, we also have a revelation moment catered around the Science of Creation! You’ll love it.

In our Artist Development segment, keeping this entire show Rest Affiliated, we talk about Taking a Step Back. When as an artist, should we take a step back from creating music? We also talk about, does lack of production equal a poor work ethic, or does a resemble an artist that understands creating out of rest, and much more. We pray this topic helps you.

Last but not least, this week’s playlist:
– I Need You in My Life by Rich Righteous
– Mad World by Abidez
– Ha-Lay-Lu by Sha Sha Muzik
– God by Humble 1 feat. JCain
– Air Play feat. SAGE, Enon and D Thomas
– Hold On [Remix] by Bobby Phoenix feat. Cypha
– Married to the Lamb by Pacaso Ramirez
– How We Get It by Salt of the Earth
– How Can Jesus Love Me by Deborah Denise

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