It’s a New Year, so what would be better than doing a 2017 Wrap Up! Honestly, 2017 was a year of Ups and Downs, but by the Grace of God, we pulled through. Not By Bread Alone Radio grew, we merged with the Ground Floor Network, Adopting their programming and broadcasting platform, and merging our station with theirs. We gained a new show, The Project Pluto Hour featuring my brother, personal producer and man of many gifts Project Pluto, and we’ve struggled trying to help another one go live, which is Noize Radio Live – Sorry Tito, man thank you for hanging in there with us, we’ll give it another try in 2018. We’ve built up the Not By Bread Alone Radio Network not only including the Not by Bread Alone Radio team, but shows like the Project Pluto Hour, Noize Radio Live, The Ground Floor Show, Sqwad Life Radio, and Christian Platforms Undercrown Hip Hop, and our newest add, The Book Keeper @ This year, we have a whole bunch of stuff in the works, hopefully a new website developed, that I’ve been talking about for almost a year now, and with the new platform, we have a lot of new features and new directions that we aim to go in.

Shoutout to all our special guests this year – Intellect, Big Glenn, Ben Carrasquillo, Jeremy Duncan and Anthony Nelson, and hopefully we can get some more interviews scheduled for the upcoming year.

With that said, we will be forgoing a traditional show, and be playing the 28 songs that were nominated for Not By Bread Alone Radio’s Crown Reps 2017.

We hope you guys enjoy the show, thanks for all of the continued support.

Last but not least, our 2017 Crown Reps Nominees:
– Bang by Salt of tha Earth
– Just a Fool by The Collector
– Take That Tie Off by Russ Shanks
– Cloudy Day by FFOR The Hebrew
– Surrender by Alpha Team
– Let It Breathe (And Let It Be) by K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E.
– Radio by Daunte Velvet
– Legacy by iNTELLECT feat. Dalomonze
– #OMG by Tae Lamar
– American Nightmare by Black Sheep Squad
– The Right Man by Eddie Burden
– Let It Go by Nine
– Amigos by A.K.A. Fisher
– We Need Hope by J-South feat. Shandela
– Forgive Me by NavCash
– Lost in You by Elohin feat. Ashley Garza
– Roots by Arnold Cifax Jr.
– Alien Revolution Cypher by A.O.T. Arrowz Of Truth feat. Izreal Graham, Maddlines, Rkitect, Swinn Da Example & Zaydok the Godhop MC
– Fill the Space by Wordsmith
– Bible Studies by Nehemiah Jones
– Humble by Jerrell Golden
– Violets by 3PFD
– WarCry by Mr. Marshall feat. Paul G.
– Rise Above It by Jeremy Duncan feat. U’neik
– Seasons by Benjamin De La Rosa feat. Kayla Starks
– No Paparazzi by Dat Phella feat. Mikhail Anwar
– Golden by Tymon
– Not Alone by Phil Derihl

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