TLS, 'The Listening Session, Vol. 1'

TLS (The Listening Session) start 2023 with their much-anticipated mixtape.

The Listening Session, Vol. 1 showcases several emerging independent artists within Christian hip hop. It is a virtual who’s who of the indie scene including Rapzilla Freshmen Q-Flo, Prodi Da Prodigal, and Alcott. Also featured are Trutha, Mic Wise, Untidld, outr.cty, QEW, Bill B., DJLC, Mitch Darrell, Weez the Satellite Kiid, Scribe Music, Legacy, Kody Free, Cyrus Sonata, Lyriq Nawqiy, JusRzd, Leon, ADOE, and more!

See the track list below for a breakdown of the songs, artists, and producers. Let us know your favorite TLS track off the mixtape in the comments!

TLS track listing

C2six of Fort Worth, TX and Rob Reyes of Long Beach, CA team up with Prodigyl of Houston, TX for the first time to bring the high energy banger Alive Again.

Blacklisted II is a two-song project that will blow your speakers with the first 808 hits.

On “Limitless”, Prodigyl and Alcott team up on a YJO produced instrumental to unleash ferocious lyrics that will leave the listener in a state of awe and energy. “Limitless” talks about how the world cannot hold anyone in chains of sin and despair. God saves His faithful people from these chains, and when they are free there will be no limit to what they can do in this world for Him. The second song, “In Your Hands”, slows down the pace and is more reflective and it is a song of total surrender. Prodigyl melodically floats through the verses and talks about his struggle with sins, which then crescendoes into a catchy and heartfelt chorus of surrender, and then switches to a flow that sings about victory in Christ.

Son of the Light takes the listener on a journey of what it is like to live as a lamp unto the world. We all have a responsibility to bring light and love into the lives of many who are suffering. This EP travels with the listener and allows them to understand the calling of a Christian.

Features: Scribe Music, Weez the Satellite Kiid, Rockstar JT

Prodigyl and Rockstar Jt team up on this blistering new track War Dogs.

It aims to have the listener turned all the way up to ten, ready to fight the battles of this world at the drop of a hat! War Dogs is an anthem. Dedicated to the faith soldiers who die to themselves everyday to honor the Kingdom of God.

Prodigyl and Weez the Satellite Kiid team up on this energetic and fierce anthem. Gimme My Space (G.M.S.) is the second single from the upcoming EP ‘Son of the Light’. This track hits the listener like a train as the beat drops and they are taken on a journey filled with ferocious hooks and rhythmic verses. The song speaks about determination and hope. How all things are possible with the right attitude. This song is a warning to the world to be ready for the fight

Glow is an anthem for living life for a greater purpose. This song strives to reinforce the concept that this life is made for us to shine out and be an example for others. Scribe Music floats on an infectious hook while Prodigyl dances on the beat in the verses. Both painting a unique image of what it’s like to live for a greater purpose. To shine like a light into the world.

Holy Water, Vol 2 is the follow-up project by Prodigyl & Xay Hill to Vol. 1, which was released last year. This time, they are joined by GodFearin and Raw-B as featured artists, with production from Fuego. This EP immerses the listener into renewal and new hope, which is found in Christ and can make you a new creation.

Season Three, Ep. 02 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast featuring Mike Sarge and Prodigyl!

This episode includes the featured song “Back Down” from Prodigyl and Xay Hill and a discussion with artist and YouTube creator Mike Sarge.

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