We’ve sometimes felt; like I’m sure most believers have, that it must have been so much easier to follow the Messiah back when He walked this earth. But is that truly accurate? On this week’s episode of the Not By Bread Alone Radio Show, we will examine some of the differences between faith in Yeshua’s time VS now in the Information Age.

Secondly, Trump, Trump, Trump. All we hear is Trump this, and Trump that. President Donald Trump seems to be all the news ever talks about these days. We talk about how the distractions of President Trump’s disturbing personality has created a smoke screen for a radical number of changes in our government and constitutional rights. We name a few and challenge you to research the rest, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Light in Humanity by TREVO
– Bible Studies by Nehemiah Jones
– M.A.Y. 1st by JeV’on
– Jesus Saves by Nerva
– Fill the Space by Wordsmith
– Still Okay by TonyWHOA
– My Season by R.E.F.
– We Need Hope by J-South feat. Shandela
– Forbidden Fruit by JusDelon

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