In this episode of #NBBARadio, we tackle the Peace that Surpasses All Understanding. We start by defining God’s Peace very vaguely and realized that it can’t be truly defined. We tackle real life situations, like home invasions, Guns, and Protecting our homes, and much more.

Next, in our Artist Development tip of the week, we tackle why it’s important to have a budget set aside as an artist. We also talk about creative ways to obtain this budget, when you’re working for every dime that you have. We discuss paying for and requesting free services, and the best possible way to go about this, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Monster by Jordan Rivers & J.Liles
– Winning by Mystery Known
– All They Know by David Psalms
– Homie Instead by Michael Haze
– New Levels by G.E.N.E.
– We All Fall by Mr. C-N.I.L.E. feat. Lynee Michelle
– I Need God by Ambassador Raw
– Struggling by Mayntain Perfection feat. Luke G.
– Hakuna Akaita Semi by C.O.G.

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