There are those fences that we wrap around ourselves, then there are fences that are opposed on us, then there are the fences that God has set in place to protect us. Each fence has its purpose, but only one of those fences are designed to truly keep us safe. These three fences are defined in my opinion as The Fence of Isolation, The Communal Fence and The Fence of a Fortified City – hopefully by the Grace of God, we can break down and shed light on these 3 vital areas of our daily lives. #TheTruthAboutFences

Last but not least, our playlist:
– More Than Conquerors feat. Pacaso Ramirez, Mr. Marshall & Mark Collins
– Greater Than by Point5
– Lost But Now Found by Arrowz of Truth feat. Believin’ Stephen & T.K.
– Shoot Your Shot by Marqus Anthony feat. Luke G, Plain James & Enlitement
– Like That by Man of Faith
– Nothin But The Blood by Salt of tha Earth
– Doing the Most by Rob Redeemed
– Don’t Sell Yourself Short by Lady Dri feat. Angie Rose
– Mente Elevada by Roberto & Danny

Background Music by Anno Domini Nation

Most of our lives we play the game of chicken with God, and we choose on a regular basis to go our own path as though we know better, and what’s really good for us. What we fail to realize that even in us choosing our own path, that somewhere in the middle of that path, we end up colliding with God’s will. This topic leads into us discussing the fact that even in our own circumstances we have not failed to depend on God that he has our best interest at hand, and that our faith is tested through adversity. There’s also some rants about the weakness of our hearts, and Conspiracy Corner may sneak into this topic.

Secondly, we talk about BurnOut – Not just in life, our work but also in calling and in ministry. We keep it short and sweet, but offer some very practical advice and understandings on the topic. We go through some personal experience, and also state many realities that we as people fail to see. Many of us deal with burnout, and we know talking about it will help someone.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Rescue Me by Rezurrection feat. Shelby Sullivan
– Victory Lap by Fearless feat. Choyce
– Tha Good Life by Tymon ft. Dub Dub
– Surrender by Daniel Israel
– War Ain’t Over by Dante James
– I’ll Go by Jeremy Duncan feat. Enon
– Birds by God’s Gift the Christian Rapper
– Me vs. Me by Xempt feat. Scribe Music
– Running to You by Shyne on Me

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When you think of a radical what comes to mind? Is it somebody that threatens Public Safety? Is it somebody that enjoys Terror? Maybe in the world where we are made to always compete with one another and duplicate what those around us do maybe those who defy the norm are radicals. Today we want to talk about what makes a radical and since we consider ourselves to be such radicals… what is life like when we seek the freedom God intended?

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Forward by Julius Witherspoon
– Surrender by Daniel Israel
– Find My Way by Donald Guy
– Faith Alone by Joshua Kriese
– Supposed to Be by Illtalian feat. Je’kob
– Conquerors by JustPierre feat. JeVo’n & TraXX
– Chopping It Up by Roberto & Danny
– Wolves by Average Joe feat. Xero
– I Wish That I Could Fly by Psalm

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In Matthew 5, I believe that Jesus lays out the Art of Being in which scholars and theologists have called the Beatitudes, which is 8 principles layed out by Christ on how to live and obtain blessing from God. In this week’s episode of the Not By Bread Alone Radio show, we break down these 8 principles much deeper, and encourage the listeners to excel in these 8 areas of their lives.

Secondly, we just so happen to air on Christmas Day, so we dare to ask the question, “Why the Nativity?”. We talk about the birth of Christ Jesus, and why it was so significant. We also, share some of our most cherished Christmas Day traditions, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Good Riddance by Dru Bex
– Celebration by Tymon
– Born in Bethlehem by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Love Unconditional by TROMP
– Times Like This by JustPierre ft. JeVo’n & Patience
– One Path by Big Glenn, RNF Status & Pacaso Ramirez
– Mercenaries by Freestyle Fam
– Golden Arrowz by Arrowz of Truth feat. 3D Remedy, Swinn, Deadman Walk​, ​Gospel City​,​ Pryzna
– Illusion by Radical Child

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Provided we all can agree that in this life, things come at us at lightning speed, how do we distinguish the blessings from the traps. Sounds like a simple enough question but in serving a God that turns negatives into positives and that allows us to go through the flames… but how do we really know? Is it a feeling? A voice? A theme that only He could have engineered? Or is it all in our heads? In this episode of the #NBBARadio Show, we will be discussing how to discern between the instances and circumstances that make up our human experience and where they originate from.

Secondly, we take a visit to the ever infamous Conspiracy Corner, and discuss the general consensus about the state of our government. We also talk about the concerns around mandated programs such as vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride, and the presidential elections to name a few.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Alien Revolution Cypher by Arrowz Of Truth feat. Izreal Graham, Maddlines, Rkitect, Swinn Da Example & Zaydok the Godhop MC
– Saturday Mourning by Illsamar feat. DMTrumpet
– The Longest Fall by Shyne On Me feat. Kayla Starks
– Sold Lies by Roberto and Danny
– Till I Fall by Delon
– Me vs. Me by Xempt feat. Scribe Music
– Diamond Clear by Cloak the Scribe
– Still Running It by Rob Allen
– Roots by Arnold Clifax Jr.

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We all deal with it, the pettiness in our soul, the selfishness in our person, that causes us daily to only want to think about self, that only wants to fight for self, but as a Christian, the Power of Christ resides in us, the Holy Spirit is running through our veins, and we have an obligation to look past our own selfishness and pettiness, and put others before ourselves. At least enough that we can move on through the pain, and remove the blood of others off ourselves to remain innocent of any ill-will towards others. This is what we call a Higher Level of Living. Let’s discuss it.

In our second topic of the night, though it may be 3 weeks late, we talk about Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett’s run in with the Las Vegas police during the Mayweather – McGregor fight. We tie this in with the much debated National Anthem debate in sports, and why is it such a big deal for athletes to exercise their civil rights with peaceful and silent protest, and much more.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Lost In You by Elohin feat. Ashley Garza
– All I See by Theziz
– Warcry by Mr. Marshall feat. Paul G.
– Listen by JustPierre
– Let It Go by Nine
– Amigos by AKA Fisher
– Humble by Jerrell Golden
– The Right Man by Eddie Burden
– Love Me Like You Do by Quan-B feat. Phoenicia Richards

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It’s quite possible that we’ve all been called a control freak at some point in each of our lives… Funny enough. But what is this obsession with control that we seem to harbour? Is it simply imbedded in our DNA or is there something more sinister at bat? Either way… this week on Not By Bread Alone Radio, we will explore this paradox and see if we can make sense of it all. Control… Who’s Got It?

Last but not least, our playlist:
– People by D.Thomas feat. B.Cooper
– Catch Me I’m Fallin by Rapture Raps & Truss City
– Enter the Whoa by SunWhoa
– Thankful by Tony Tillman
– It Won’t Be Long by Enkourage ft. Blaze & Maskerade
– Count on Him by ProCyse
– Dream On by Roy Tosh feat. Deraj & Paulo Clayton
– Please Forgive Me by Stephen I. feat. Govenor Reiss & Tromp
– Good Times: I’m Good by Soul Williams & Sean C. Johnson

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In this world, there are 2 messages that are fighting to grasp the hearts of men. One message has been integrated into the entire world system, and has laid a foundation to deviate all from the message of truth. The Second message is the message in a bottle. A message in a bottle has to be physically retrieved. You see it, you know that it’s there and available to be read, but you have to be intrigued enough by it, to seek it out, and be willing to grab the bottle and remove the message to read it. This second message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and as we are joined by Special Guest Anthony Nelson from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers, you will know that it’s not enough to hear the word, but you must own it, and seek the word out for yourself in order to truly obtain it.

Secondly, we catch up with our brother Anthony Nelson, and find out, besides ranking on the Billboard Charts, what keeps him busy. We talk a little about Christian Hip Hop, and Anthony shares his quick thoughts about it, and even shares some of his favorite artists with us. We talk about God’s purpose, and what would be the ideal opportunity if God afforded it, and what else we can hear from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers in the very near future. Make sure you show these guys some love and visit their site:

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Undeserved by Anthony Neslon & The Overcomers
– Cloudy Day by Ffor the Hebrew
– Deeper by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Legacy by iNTELLECT feat. DaLomonze
– The Harvest is Here by Arrested Development
– I Can’t Stop by Jeremy Duncan
– Broken by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Feelin Right by Aundreaniah ft Fonzo
– Be Free by Salt of tha Earth

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We all have wounds, and those wounds produce scars that remind us of our past. On this week’s episode of #NBBARadio, we are joined by special guest Jeremy Duncan aka JDun, as we discuss Internal Adversity. We are all familiar with Paul’s writing to the Romans in Romans 7, how he struggled with those things that he said that he didn’t want to do, and those things that he did want to do, he had a hard time accomplishing. It seems like Paul knew that these writings would go on to describe the inner warfare of every man for eternity. Our goal with this topic, is to help you as a listener identify those things that you struggle with, and to give you some great tools to push passed the adversity.

Secondly, in our interview with Jeremy Duncan. We celebrate the fact that he was the winner of the Truth Music Studio Song Contest @ Then we celebrate the fact that his music is so Gospel Focused, which has you wondering if he’s a Christian Rapper, what wouldn’t it be, but it seems that there’s a lack of Christian Integrity in today’s Christian Music. We talk about faith & obedience, and when God is promoting you, that there is no reason for us to bend over backwards to do more than God can accomplish on His own. Lastly, Jeremy Duncan shares a very timely message, that even leaves Pacaso Ramirez inspired, and feeling like the message was directly for him. For more from Jeremy Duncan, please visit:, or email

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Rise Above It by Jeremy Duncan feat. U’Neik
– Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Jeremy Duncan
– Before by Jeremy Duncan feat. Donus
– Barefoot by Jeremy Duncan
– Lust by Jeremy Duncan feat. Peter Mars [Include Skit]
– Encore by Jeremy Duncan
– Let Go by Jeremy Duncan feat. Lietenant
– Blessings by Jeremy Duncan
– Lay It Down by Jeremy Duncan feat. Ricky Ricard

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There’s an unwritten agenda in America – it seems like. You have Conspiracy Theorist, then you have people that see things, and instead of assuming, you gather facts, connect the dots, and come up with educated conclusions. In the past, you had slaves, that knew they were slaves, the were forced slaves, and lived in a slave atmosphere with slave-like accustoms to their lifestyles. Today, there’s a New Slavery – This slavery is an almost volunteered slavery – it’s enticement, it’s distraction, it’s wrapped around pleasure and immoralities that are showcased in a way to highlight immorality as moral justifications. This is what #NBBARadio is calling “The New Slavery Agenda”. Come Listen as we talk about it with our Special Guest David Singleten.

Secondly, we interview David Singleten, and talk about his upcoming, his storytelling abilities as rapper, and where that came from. How significant is the term “Christian” to him as an artist. What people can expect from his album, and much more. If you would like to know more about David Singleten, his music, and his ministry, please visit:

Last but not least, our playlist:
– In You Alone by David Singleten
– Galatians 6-9 by David Singleten
– I’ve Been Praying by David Singleten
– Introducing Satan by David Singleten
– Wait by David Singleten
– Dad Was Locked Up by David Singleten (Levi’s Story)
– Lately by David Singleten
– Trapped in Sin by David Singleten
– I Still Love Them by David Singleten
– Holy by David Singleten
– All of It by David Singleten

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