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Check out the WAVES EP by Mike Sarge. No features, just straight vibes and heat. #SalutesToThat

Season Three, Ep. 02 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast featuring Mike Sarge and Prodigyl!

This episode includes the featured song “Back Down” from Prodigyl and Xay Hill and a discussion with artist and YouTube creator Mike Sarge.

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WHO THE GOAT? There is no question who the Greatest Of All Time really is!

Pronounced OFF SEASON, the new six-song EP from Mike Sarge.

Nola Red | “Closer” ft. Xay Hill

Dee Black | “I’m So Glad” ft. GS

Jentile | “Wanna Make a Difference” ft. Monty G

Mike Sarge | “Energy”

Andrew Puckett | “Every Time”

Anthony Sawyers | “Back Row Flow”

Untdld | “Activate” ft. Marc Stevens

JDun | “Listen To This”

Brinson | “U Know” ft. Norman Michael

FLF | “Revival”