In this world, there are 2 messages that are fighting to grasp the hearts of men. One message has been integrated into the entire world system, and has laid a foundation to deviate all from the message of truth. The Second message is the message in a bottle. A message in a bottle has to be physically retrieved. You see it, you know that it’s there and available to be read, but you have to be intrigued enough by it, to seek it out, and be willing to grab the bottle and remove the message to read it. This second message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and as we are joined by Special Guest Anthony Nelson from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers, you will know that it’s not enough to hear the word, but you must own it, and seek the word out for yourself in order to truly obtain it.

Secondly, we catch up with our brother Anthony Nelson, and find out, besides ranking on the Billboard Charts, what keeps him busy. We talk a little about Christian Hip Hop, and Anthony shares his quick thoughts about it, and even shares some of his favorite artists with us. We talk about God’s purpose, and what would be the ideal opportunity if God afforded it, and what else we can hear from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers in the very near future. Make sure you show these guys some love and visit their site:

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Undeserved by Anthony Neslon & The Overcomers
– Cloudy Day by Ffor the Hebrew
– Deeper by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Legacy by iNTELLECT feat. DaLomonze
– The Harvest is Here by Arrested Development
– I Can’t Stop by Jeremy Duncan
– Broken by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
– Feelin Right by Aundreaniah ft Fonzo
– Be Free by Salt of tha Earth

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