Elohin 'El3vate'

Elohin has reached veteran status within the independent faith-based hip-hop scene.

The Detroit emcee’s newest album releases on September 12, 2023 via CF Entertainment.

El3vate offers a mix of hard-hitting beats, cinematic production, and lyrical sharpness. The theme of the album is centered around overcoming adversity and rising to a new level in life and faith. The 12-song project features the singles “Safe Space,” “Bloodline,” “Mood,” “Secrets,” and “Up.”

El3vate’s sound is a mixture of Hip Hop with elements of Trap, R&B, Pop, and Jazz. The soundscape was crafted by legendary producer DJ Pain 1 along with sadCG, Falak, Komo Beatz, Othellobeats, LT, Blasian, and Miraql3. Every lyric, melody, and musical element creates an interesting and dynamic sound. It is an ambitious and exciting listening experience.

Album Features

For many listeners, the guest artists on a project are just as important as the primary artist.

El3vate not only showcases Elohin’s lyrical abilities but features several of indie CHH’s heavy hitters. Kidd Lee, Xay Hill, Kevi Morse, Bella Raee, Sam Heavens, and Jess Aleakatino all bring their unique talents to the project.

Track Listing

  1. El3vate (Intro)
  2. Ready
  3. Mood [ft. Kidd Lee]
  4. Ghetto Blues
  5. Safe Space
  6. Fade [ft. Kevi Morse]
  7. Secrets [ft. Bella Raee]
  8. Dying For [ft. Sam Heavens]
  9. Bloodline [ft. Jess Aleakatino]
  10. God Is God
  11. I Feel It
  12. Up [ft. Xay Hill]


It’s rare to find an artist who is brave enough to discuss life, faith, and social issues while at the same time appealing to commercial, boom-bap, and faith-based audiences. These rare combinations come together perfectly in the music of Elohin.

Consistency has long been a characteristic of Detroit’s Elohin.

With El3vate he delivers a complete project from start to finish. There are records to connect with a multitude of listeners. The soundscape transcends eras as Elohin blends progression and experience with the skillset of a master. From trunk-shaking low-end to body-moving melodies, it is inspiring to see the bar being raised when it comes to independent Christian rap.

Standout tracks include “Fade,” “Mood,” “Up,” Bloodline,” and “Ready.”

About Elohin

Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan, Elohin (pronounced El-oh-in) fell in love with music at an early age. Since then, he has independently released multiple full-length studio projects and EPs along with collaborating with other established artists and producers. His delivery, lyricism, and songwriting ability can capture the ears and hearts of many hip-hop fans and music lovers alike.

For more about Elohin, check out notyouraveragerapper.com

Elohin "Mood" featuring Kidd Lee

Detroit-based hip-hop artist Elohin (pronounced El-oh-in) drops a Mood

Mood features North Carolina-based artist Kidd Lee. The song was written by Elohin and Kidd Lee with production handled by multi-platinum producer DJ Pain 1. It is a song where both artists lyrically flex their confidence in God and their bold attitude about their faith.

The single will be featured on Elohin’s upcoming project ‘El3vate’.

Survivor Q, "Never Going Back"

Survivor Q shares a powerful testimonial song.

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