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Kham, "Man of the House"

Kham attacks his childhood trauma with his new hard-hitting, trap single Man of the House

The Isaac Mather-produced single finds Kham navigating the challenges of having to act as an adult at a young age. Kham is a first-generation Guyanese American who grew up in Virginia Beach. He encountered various life-altering experiences ranging from growing up in a rough ‘757’ environment to being without his father for long periods due to Naval deployment. Throughout Man of the House, listeners experience dynamic musical shifts reminiscent of the highs and lows Kham experienced throughout his childhood.

Man of the House represents an evolution of Kham as an artist.

He wants listeners to join him in his journey of healing and growth.

Kham states, “Man of the House represents the start of a world I want to bring listeners into. My world. Every piece of music I release this year will bring you closer to that world. In this place, we can heal together and grow together. You will know who I am, you will find out who you are. I’ll reveal more about this place as the year goes on”

As 2023 begins, Kham has a series of singles and more music in store for his current fans and new listeners. He promises this year will see him collaborate with many artists as he unveils his new journey.

Culture Villains, "Southside Freestyle"

Culture Villains presents Southside Freestyle with Kham, KJ Carter, and creed caldwell.

Virginia has been home to influential culture, sounds, and music artists. Those artists include Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and The Clipse. Those artists have influenced upcoming artists such as KJ Carter, Kham, and creed caldwell.

With Southside Freestyle, the trio is paying ode to a generation and sound that has influenced them. The freestyle produced by KJ Carter released on October 28th.

Peep the Culture Villains EP here.

After Kham released his debut project in late 2020, he entered a state of depression.

Being a Black Christian, with fans whose views and comments opposed and harmed him, was challenging.

Day after day Kham was attacked on social media, and through direct messages, for his views on police brutality and vocalizing through his music that black lives indeed matter. This took a toll on him. It led him down a dark path mentally. He was exhausted and discouraged from being gaslit. Invalidated for wanting equality and justice for people that look like him.

This dark path took Kham away from music, away from friends, and away from family.

It wasn’t until his girlfriend confronted him about how he was feeling that he shared what had been burdening him.

His girlfriend encouraged him to begin the healing process and share the line ‘You can’t heal what you’re not real about’. From here, Kham began seeking therapy and community to help him in the healing process. This led him to begin writing music again.

While in the creative process, Kham had a dream in which he had a conversation with his unborn daughter.

He had to explain the state of the world and all that is happening. However, in the dream a shift happened and Kham realized his unborn daughter was him and he was God within this dream sequence. He was in fact sharing his confusion of the world with God.

This dream was so impactful that it led him to write the song To Whom It May Concern, a descriptive song that details the dream. Inspired by his recent encounter Kham wanted to begin to encourage others to begin the healing process themselves. He began writing a devotional about the healing process that he wanted to publish on The Bible App. During this time, he was in a virtual studio session with producer Godframe that led Kham to record I’m Healing. This was an anthemic song, pulled from the devotional he was writing, that he wanted to champion the process of healing and that nobody can ‘heal what they aren’t real about’.

With these two songs being inspired by his own journey, Kham wanted to release them together as To Whom It May Concern…I’m Healing.

Kham looks to challenge listeners to begin the healing process and heal together.

Get more from Kham here.

Kham has released the remix to his popular, high energy, workout anthem Problematic.

Kham partnered with his label Culture Villains to host a remix contest via TikTok for the song. The winner received a $99 Spotify gift card. The top two Problematic Remix contest winners were given slots on the official remix. The record features Battz and Travis Hobson.

Atlanta rapper CZAR Josh releases his mixtape  LongLiveUs. Featuring Phil J., Kham, seni., Big Yae, and Zach Paradis.

Atlanta is known for being the hub for modern hip hop that originated with the likes of Outkast, The Dungeon Family, and more.  There is a wave of new buzzing artists that are carrying the mantle in their own ways. CZAR Josh is one of those artists. Continuing the legacy while creating his own niche.

With his mixtape LongLiveUs, CZAR is reaching a whole new audience and opening up more eyes to his nostalgic yet original sound. The tracklist includes production from Enzo Gran, Killawatts, and Avila. On the heels of announcing a joint partnership with RMG Amplify, the Culture Villains artist uses LongLiveUs as a deep dive into the black experience.  CZAR Josh touches on issues of coping with trauma through addiction, systemic oppression, and racism but also shows the resilience of black people through love and the hope that the community always finds joy at the end of the storm.

CZAR  states that the 10-track mixtape is, “An ode to a Bebe’s Kids line that ‘We don’t die, we multiply.’ That’s the black community in a nutshell. No matter what the world throws at us we live. No matter the obstacles, we live. We have joy. That’s the mixtape.”


  1. Heights (2:50)
  2. Regal [feat. Kham & seni.] (2:48)
  3. Bout Time (3:16)
  4. Whatchu’ Know (3:05)
  5. Dime N’ a Nickel (2:16)
  6. Black Taxes(3:15)
  7. Copacetic [feat. Phil J.] (2:46)
  8. Do My Thang [feat. Zach Paradis] (3:28)
  9. East Georgia Minded [feat. Big Yae] (3:37)
  10. LongLiveUs (3:19)

Hip Hop collective Culture Villains has assembled for the first time since their iTunes charting compilation album, ‘Preseason’.

The collective has collaborated with sync-focused production company MSCMKRS to create a self-titled EP containing 5 hard-hitting sports and cinema-themed tracks produced by Quentin Coblentz, Jessie Chambers, and Ian Moore. Songs can be licensed for sync directly through the record label and publishing company, BMG.


  1. Winning Again [feat. Kham, CZAR Josh, KJ Carter, & Big Yae]
  2. Respect [feat. CZAR Josh]
  3. All Out [feat. Kham, CZAR Josh, KJ Carter, & Big Yae]
  4. Born For This [feat. Kham & KJ Carter]
  5. Get It Going [feat. Big Yae, CZAR Josh, & KJ Carter]

Regal is the first CZAR Josh release of 2021. The Killawatts produced track finds the artists boastfully celebrating their culture, accomplishments, and skill.

Features: Kham, seni.

2Much, featuring Kham of Culture Villains, is the newest single from CHH artist JAS.

There is almost “2Much” layered in the creativity to listen to only once! 

JAS, short for Just A Servant, is an emcee out of Michigan who currently resides in South Bend, Indiana. Making music for quite some time, JAS is influenced by his mother who is also an artist. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

JAS has hit the ground running this year. Receiving positive reviews and ratings from FiveTwenty CollectiveRapzillaRYCPraiseNews, on his multiple releases so far this year.

2Much is available now on all major digital media platforms. Head over to your favorite music platform and give it a spin.

Listen now: “2Much”

JAS also has some exciting projects and plans scheduled for 2021!

A video for the new single in the works. If it is anything like his past video productions, it will definitely be something that you want to stay tuned for!

Additionally, JAS has new music dropping almost every month this year. He is focused on producing mostly singles to provide consistent content that is high quality. JAS also has some exciting events in the works in collaboration with The Blessings Are Real Music Group, the music organization that he is affiliated with.

JAS is also involved in ministry work with TBAR and Christ Is Relief. As a non-profit organization, the mission is driven to support individuals and families that have been affected by natural disasters, Covid-19, and social issues such as homelessness and unemployment.

Using his God-given talents to create music that shares the gospel in unique ways, JAS is serving God’s people through his gift.

Taking the route of a gospel artist, JAS’ techniques and music are very different than most artists in the Gospel Hip Hop community.

“I keep it 100 and write about tough issues that most artists won’t write about.”

Support JAS on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

We would love to know what you think about 2Much below!

With his debut studio album PROBLEMATIC, Kham is reaching a whole new audience and opening up more eyes to his outstanding sound. Kham touches on issues of self-worth, systemic oppression, racism, police brutality, and hope through the 11-track LP.

Culture Villains

Culture Villains artist Kham announced his upcoming debut album with style.

First came the release of the title track Problematic, which you can hear below.

Problematic [released October 14, 2020] is the fourth single from the new album (following Look, Botham, and UHaul) which releases on October 30, 2020.

As one of Christian Hip Hop’s brightest young artists, Kham has more than proven his abilities since joining CV. The Virginia emcee has done nothing except drop high-quality music since 2018 that delivers a first-hand perspective on many of today’s biggest issues.

The album is currently available for pre-order/pre-save across digital platforms. Get yours now.

Along with a new single and soon-to-be-available project, Kham added a kicker:


That’s right, ‘Problematic’ will be the first in a joint partnership between Culture Villains and RMG Amplify.

This is huge not only for Kham as a solo artist but for the CV collective. RMG Amplify is a division of Reflection Music Group, one of CHH’s premier labels.

On top of all of this, in case we needed any more, Kham also gave fans an opportunity to preview snippets of the album, check out behind the scenes interviews, purchase merchandise, and get a 360 Virtual user experience at www.improblematic.com

As for the Problematic single, it is a west coast inspired track that was produced by Bay Area native seni. The track hits on societal issues that have proven problematic to Kham’s mental health. He stated,

“The current state of our society presents a lot of problems in my daily life…but I like to think I’m a problem for my problems.”

Join the movement now: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website  #CVTheGang