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Rooftops by K-Drama is the second single featured on the soundtrack of the soon-to-be-released movie, ‘Shooting Doves’.

Releasing in July 2022, ‘Shooting Doves’ has already received critical acclaim including “Best Screenplay” by the New York Movie Awards.

Rooftops echoes the heart of the film.

Charging listeners to be active in racial reconciliation, not merely passively hoping that this movement will just fall in place. An original motion picture, ‘Shooting Doves’ is a music drama penned with the hope of encouraging honest and raw conversations regarding race, racial divisions, and stereotypes – especially within the evangelical church. ‘Shooting Doves’ is a Craig Brown film. It was written by Brown and Andrea Summer. The film stars James Troup, Joseph Moreland, and Tom O’Brien, among others.

For more information about this upcoming film, visit http://www.shootingdovesmovie.com. | Watch the trailer https://www.facebook.com/shootingdovesmovie/videos/288732433451099/

When it comes to blending electronic dance music and hip hop there are few creating on the level of the man affectionately known as “Vow Wizzle”.

El Vow has been perfecting his unique blend of genres and entertaining audiences across the country. Not only does he expertly hold down sets as both a solo performer and a supporting DJ, but he has taken his performance in the studio to new heights. Simply look at his 2022 trilogy of single releases if you require proof.

“Vroom” and “Waitaminute” kicked the year off for El Vow.

His newest record includes a collaboration with Christian Hip Hop legend K-Drama. La Playa released on Cinco de Mayo and officially brings in the summer vibes thanks in part to energetic production as well as a killer feature performance from Halo.

“It’s a latin, hip hop summer anthem,” explains El Vow. “To me, it just feels like Cancun!” 

La Playa hit digital streaming platforms on May 5, 2022 

Speaking on the record, K-Drama stated, “I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with him [El Vow] as an artist over the years. He’s dropped some amazing songs and this song, La Playa, it is fire!

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Song Details

Title: La Playa

Artist: El Vow

Release Date: May 5, 2022

Production: K-Drama, El Vow

Engineering: El Vow

Features: Halo

K-Drama’s Squid Games, with Heesun Lee, is a remix of the popular Netflix series. It challenges the listener to not take life for granted via making questionable choices.

King of kings is the lead single from K-Drama’s upcoming EP, ‘V XV XX Vol. 1’ available everywhere January 28, 2022.

It’s a song about how Jesus is the final authority. His will triumphs over everything, including politics & schemes designed to be of opposition. “I have unfortunately seen this in my life most in the CHH industry,” explains K-Drama. “But it’s a testament to God’s favor that I’m still able to create Christian Rap music full time to be a light and provide for my family.” Jesus over politics any day.

Thank You For Blessing Me is the first single from the upcoming EP, ‘kDramaNomics’ by K-Drama, releasing early fall 2021. It’s an interpolation of “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. Drama is encouraging listeners to be thankful for whatever blessings God gives.

K-Drama drops a remix for his hit record That’s a Lie. The remix features CHH lyricist Selah the Corner and up and comer Lank.

When you’re talking about the OGs of Christian hip hop, K-Drama definitely has a seat at the table.

From charting on Billboard to working alongside the biggest artists in the genre, there is no denying his place in CHH history.

Thanks in part to those accomplishments, the Kingdom Choice Awards is making K-Drama a 2021 honorary recipient.

The Kingdom Choice Awards are being held Saturday, September 25th in Jamaica, NY.

K-Drama’s credits as both an artist and producer are more than eye-catching:

  • Most sampled song in CHH history (“Air Jordan”)
  • Signee of Cross Movement Records
  • Producer on Lecrae’s Dove & Stellar nominated album (Rebel)
  • Producer on Flame’s Grammy-nominated album (Our World Redeemed)
  • 2015 Rapzilla Beat Battle champion

“It is an honor and a privilege to honor such a sincere and humble brother such as K-Drama. He is truly one of the unsung heroes of CHH.” – Marcus Hall, KCA CEO

2021 has also brought K-Drama’s newest project, Both Sides of the Blessing. The 7-track project features one of the year’s biggest records “That’s a Lie”, along with the title track that features Jered Sanders and DJ Mykael V.

K-Drama has been putting content into the CHH space since high school when he dropped his first project Threat 2 Society. With more than two decades of making music, he is proving that hip hop is not merely a young man’s game. We are excited to see one of the greats getting recognized in such a way!

Check out our interview with K-Drama on the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast. Season Three | Ep. 01 (January 2021)

That’s a Lie is the second single from the upcoming EP, ‘Both Sides of the Blessing’. This song encourages listeners to see the glass half full, even in the midst of adversity. Although 2020 was the most bizarre year for many, it’s still a blessing to be alive & God can still do great things in the middle of hard times. Don’t believe the lies echoed on the news & on social media.

Life may throw you Lemons. You have to turn them into lemonade. There are always trials that seem to be overwhelming, but these are meant to build character and more hope in our Redeemer.

Following an unforgettable year for the history books, K-Drama charges listeners to hold onto hope. Teaming up with God Over Money’s Jered Sanders & rising phenomenon, DJ Mykael V, the push is to remember there are blessings waiting for us on the other side of the opposition.