On the heels of the release of a slew of singles in 2022, DJ LostNFound has dropped his sophomore album CAESURA ll.

DJ LostNFound is curating this album to highlight 50 Christian artists inside CHH and within mainstream Hip Hop. His goal is to call attention to artists who, in his opinion, deserve a larger platform. He also hopes to continue the push for more unity in our genre. While an album probably doesn’t achieve this. The hope is it’ll continue the much needed discussion.

Fans can hear some from their favorite artists such as S.O., A.I. The Anomaly, Aaron Cole, 350, Datin, Big Breeze, Eris Ford, Battz, Reconcile, and more! CAESURA ll released worldwide September 2nd 2022.

Listen below and let us know your favorite songs and features!

Check out the original CAESURA here.

GB and JP KILLED IT team up on the new single Do It Again.

The best way to quiet critics, even your own self-doubt, is to repeat your success. Whatever you’ve achieved, whatever accolades you received, you’re capable of “running it back” and yielding the same end result: Victory. It’s time to silence the doubters.

Are you feeling Do It Again? Check out this previous release from GB.

DJ LostNFound and JP KILLED IT collaborated to release their new single Autopilot.

This fusion of cloud rap & pop rap is sure to connect with millennial listeners who enjoy the likes of Post Malone or Swae Lee. Autopilot is the account of a struggling artist who can’t seem to break out of his current monotonous lifestyle. His struggles have affected every facet of his life and relationships. This exclusive release was written and produced by JP KILLED IT (Killswitch, Not For Sale). 

J-Phish is back with the first single off an upcoming collab EP. Phish and JP KILLED IT Put That On God with a record that should be on the playlist of every gym around!

The drum-heavy bounce song featuring Xay Hill and JP Killed It illustrated John 8:7, where it talks about casting the first stone. Stones is the final single from outr.cty’s forthcoming EP ‘PHOTODUMP’.