BRM and BrodieDaVinci 'Game Over'

BRM and BrodieDaVinci are definitely in the conversation.

What are we talking about?

When the discussion of some of Christian Hip Hop’s best duos happens, BRM and BrodieDaVinci have to be in the convo.

BRM and BrodieDaVinci started this journey four years ago

The RRP North veterans set out to do three joint albums together. The first album ‘20 Seconds‘ was centered around a simple, yet vital topic. Stressing the importance of coming to Christ, the duo expressed the short amount of time we have left to accept Him.

On the second album ‘Overtime‘ the theme of the first project carried over.

BRM and BrodieDaVinci stressed the reality that, since the first album drop, God has given more time to accept Him. Hence the concept of playing in overtime. It’s a bonus period with the opportunity to secure victory.

Game Over

And now for the finale…

There will come a time when, if you haven’t made the decision, the decision will be made for you. If you haven’t chosen to become His, it is GAME OVER.

The 11-song album moves into what happens post-game and is yet another example of how BRM and Brodie are able to execute a concept. Features on the project include Yvng 7, Joseph Madigan, DeLaCruz, and Lil Keet.

Check out the lyric video for “D.S.A. (Don’t Sin Again)” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Track Listing

  1. D.S.A.
  2. Hillside
  3. Here I Am
  4. Eternity
  5. Get Busy
  6. Look Different
  7. Never Die
  8. Light Right Here
  9. Rise
  10. Above You (Gods Music Radio)
  11. Game Over

outr.cty 'Foto Dump Vol. 2'

outr.cty | ‘FOTO DUMP Vol. 2’

FOTO DUMP VOL. 2 is the second installment of the Foto Dump series. The album is a collection of 808s, vibes, and testimonies.

Joseph Madigan "Worth It"

Renowned Christian rap artist Joseph Madigan, known for his powerful lyrics and captivating beats, has recently released his latest single titled Worth It.

This soul-stirring track, which was officially launched on May 5, 2023, showcases Joseph’s personal journey of redemption. Highlighted themes include worship, purpose, and salvation.

With a background marked by homelessness and addiction, Madigan’s transformational encounter with God became the turning point in his life. Inspired by his newfound faith, he embarked on a path of dedication and perseverance. He began using his musical talent to spread a message of hope and spiritual awakening.

Worth It is a testament to Joseph’s unwavering commitment to his calling.

The lyrics resonate with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own journeys and the significance of their faith. Lines such as “Worth it, you make me want to worship” and “No lag in my bag for my purpose” evoke a sense of devotion and purpose. Individuals are encouraged to find solace in their relationship with God.

Madigan’s powerful words also touch upon the struggles he faced prior to his spiritual transformation.

“I was down, used to drown in bourbon,” he confesses, “I was bound, but a smile on the surface.”

His profound encounter with God turned his life around, leading him to embrace his identity as a servant of Christ. Through Worth It, Joseph shares his journey; emphasizing that no matter the circumstances, one can find redemption, purpose, and a reason to worship.

The single also explores deeper spiritual questions. It raises thought-provoking themes such as the value of one’s soul and the assurance of an eternal destination. Joseph Madigan challenges listeners to consider the significance of their choices. “What profit a man if he loses his soul? Are you sure when you die, you know where you go?” These poignant lines serve as a call to introspection and a reminder of the eternal impact of faith.

Joseph Madigan’s compelling storytelling and passion for his message are evident throughout Worth It.

The track’s infectious beat, coupled with Joseph’s powerful delivery, leaves an indelible impression on listeners. With his authentic lyrics and genuine faith, Joseph has already garnered a devoted following who resonate with his unique blend of rap and gospel music.

Worth It is poised to become a chart-topping hit. Touching the hearts of music enthusiasts and Christian communities alike. Through this remarkable single, Madigan presents his own testimony of redemption, inspiring others to embrace their own spiritual journeys with courage and determination.

outr.cty "Fake Friends"

outr.cty gets Xay Hill and Joseph Madigan to create a banger.

Fake Friends is a Christian Hip Hop track that’s about people that don’t have your best interest. The record is inspired by Judas betraying Jesus.

Joseph Madigan, "Red Letters"

Joseph Madigan grabs Big Fil and outr.cty for new single Red Letters

Red Letters is about not compromising God’s word. To not settle for less than giving our all to the words Jesus spoke. We are made leaders by humbling ourselves in pursuit of him.

Creating music for over 10 years, Joseph Madigan has had recent success with his YouTube channel where he does reaction videos. His story is one of triumph over struggles. God has been with him for every step.

BRM & BrodieDaVinci, "Get Busy"

BRM and BrodieDaVinci drop single from their upcoming third album Get Busy.

Get Busy features DeLaCruz and Joseph Madigan and will be included on the project ‘GAME OVER’ that is currently in the works. Take God with you and go out! GET BUSY!!

Check out BRM & BrodieDaVinci’s collab release with FiveTwenty.

Joseph Madigan drops new EP, Alignment.

Going through an arduous journey, Joseph Madigan faced several challenges in life. From being a homeless individual, at the age of 16, to being established through the act of love from believers who provided him a place to live and grow after years of struggling. Despite going through hardships, Joseph decided to begin a relationship with God. Making music without covetousness to get famous, he instead aimed to inspire people. Encouraging them to seek God while growing in his personal relationship .

The urge to create inspiring songs for people came naturally to Joseph Madigan.

Madigan shares his incite to stay in Alignment with God through his meaningful EP. Alignment is packed with 5 songs, including “Mode” ft. Chiwaz, “No Rivals” ft. Naraya & Godina, and “Alignment” ft. Authority Sound. Each piece has heartfelt lyrics coupled with different, engaging tunes and rhythms that make people instantly want to listen to it. With a unique beat and a groovy rhythm, each song consists of meaningful messages to inspire and encourage people to count on God and have faith in Him.

“I am a Christian artist, and the focus of the EP was to make songs about focusing on God. My goal is to provide music that helps people grow in their faith or be inspired by the message of the songs,” says Joseph Madigan.

With his creative yet relatable lyrics on Alignment, Joseph Madigan conveys a message about wanting God’s guidance at every turn. Regardless of the circumstances. Highlighting the significance of God’s lead to flourishing in life.

A theme common to his songs is the significance of God. Joseph’s music and life has inspired several people, leaving his listeners head over heels to learn a positive message through his creative yet inspiring music.

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