FiveTwenty Podcast: Season Five | Episode 01

FiveTwenty Collective Podcast: Season Five | Ep. 01 | #1 on Feedspot’s “Best 20 Christian Hip Hop Podcasts” of 2022 | 2022 Kingdom Choice Awards Nominee for Radio Show/Podcast

This month’s episode includes an Industry Insider Interview with JDun (@jdunrrp) of Rapture Ready Productions and Getting Things Dun. We also discuss how listeners are adjusting their music experience in 2023.


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Why 40 for the album??
In June BRM turned 40 years old.  Life has definitely been a journey. So many ups and down’s we all go through in life, BRM looked more into the number 40. He found that 40 generally symbolized a period of testing, trial, or probation in the Bible.
During Moses’ life he lived forty years in Egypt and forty years in the desert before God selected him to lead his people out of slavery. The children of Israel were punished by wandering the wilderness for 40 years. Sometimes in life BRM had been wandering. This album has some real honest and reflective songs on it. As always, BRM has some fun with the music, but the last couple of years he have found himself examining his purpose, checking his why, and seeking GOD even when things have been hard.
Features: BrodieDaVinci, Edify, Gabriel, TC, Jayknight, JDun, Jamar Spencer, Kingsman JË, Lyriq Nawqiy, King David tha Vessel, Cory Curry

TTC2 Undisputed is the resurgence of JayKnight & JDun as the excellent one-two punch of CHH.

One thing is true as you follow an artist over the span of their career, there are always signs of when they discover who they are. They become comfortable with putting that on display in their music. With ‘TTC2 Undisputed’, it’s safe to say that JayKnight and JDun both have found their sound and are not ashamed to express themselves in their art. 

‘TTC2 Undisputed’ is truly the new standard for both Rapture Ready Productions artists moving forward.

The beat selection shows that JayKnight & JDun are not afraid to stretch themselves with their flows while still staying true to their own style and identity from track to track. From “We Up” to the last track on the EP “Go Off”, every song seamlessly flows into the next telling the story. The rap duo dubbed “Tag Team Champions” bring their own flair to the CHH genre.

JayKnight described the EPs creation process, “The chemistry displayed between us has always been like none other and, on this project, it has been taken to another level. It is much more personal.” 

JDun added, “The bond between me and JayKnight is deeper than just the music, we are brothers. The music is more impactful each time we collab.”

Stream/Download the new EP ‘TTC2 Undisputed’ now on all major digital music outlets:

For interview or review inquiries, email: 

Song download available upon request

EP Details

Title: TTC2 Undisputed

Artist: JayKnight & JDun

Release Date: April 16th, 2021

Engineering: JayKnight of Morning Music Movement

Label: Rapture Ready Productions

Follow JayKnight & JDun : Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

No matter who you are, we have all had to face limitations and obstacles that challenge our faith. JDun and Datin push the limits on a CHH banger for the ages.

Nola Red | “Closer” ft. Xay Hill

Dee Black | “I’m So Glad” ft. GS

Jentile | “Wanna Make a Difference” ft. Monty G

Mike Sarge | “Energy”

Andrew Puckett | “Every Time”

Anthony Sawyers | “Back Row Flow”

Untdld | “Activate” ft. Marc Stevens

JDun | “Listen To This”

Brinson | “U Know” ft. Norman Michael

FLF | “Revival”

We all have wounds, and those wounds produce scars that remind us of our past. On this week’s episode of #NBBARadio, we are joined by special guest Jeremy Duncan aka JDun, as we discuss Internal Adversity. We are all familiar with Paul’s writing to the Romans in Romans 7, how he struggled with those things that he said that he didn’t want to do, and those things that he did want to do, he had a hard time accomplishing. It seems like Paul knew that these writings would go on to describe the inner warfare of every man for eternity. Our goal with this topic, is to help you as a listener identify those things that you struggle with, and to give you some great tools to push passed the adversity.

Secondly, in our interview with Jeremy Duncan. We celebrate the fact that he was the winner of the Truth Music Studio Song Contest @ Then we celebrate the fact that his music is so Gospel Focused, which has you wondering if he’s a Christian Rapper, what wouldn’t it be, but it seems that there’s a lack of Christian Integrity in today’s Christian Music. We talk about faith & obedience, and when God is promoting you, that there is no reason for us to bend over backwards to do more than God can accomplish on His own. Lastly, Jeremy Duncan shares a very timely message, that even leaves Pacaso Ramirez inspired, and feeling like the message was directly for him. For more from Jeremy Duncan, please visit:, or email

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Rise Above It by Jeremy Duncan feat. U’Neik
– Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Jeremy Duncan
– Before by Jeremy Duncan feat. Donus
– Barefoot by Jeremy Duncan
– Lust by Jeremy Duncan feat. Peter Mars [Include Skit]
– Encore by Jeremy Duncan
– Let Go by Jeremy Duncan feat. Lietenant
– Blessings by Jeremy Duncan
– Lay It Down by Jeremy Duncan feat. Ricky Ricard

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