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Swoope & JohnO – We Go On (feat. Solomon Headen & Ashley Merrell)

1K Phew & Zaytoven – Let Go Let God

KJ-52 – Grow Up Jonah

Lecrae & Zaytoven – Get Back Right

Andy Mineo – I Ain’t Done

116 – Cash or Christ / Fanatics (feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee)

Henrik – Half of Forever

Dillon Francis & Good Times Ahead – Listen (feat. Fatman Scoop)

Isaac Mather – Too Late

Isaac Mather 'Stranded'

Isaac Mather | ‘Stranded’

Isaac Mather’s new project Stranded includes the slowed + reverb, sped up, and instrumental versions of his latest single “Stranded”.

This song talks about his struggle with OCD. During his 7-year chronic health journey, Mather was bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Many mental health issues were brought on because of the physical pain. In this song, he talks to his OCD as if it were a person. It sounds like a breakup song, but the twist is that it isn’t.

Isaac Mather "Stranded"

Isaac Mather wrote Stranded about mental health, specifically OCD.

Mental health is one of the most prevalent issues in today’s world. Mather wants to be a light in that space to relate with others who deal with mental struggles. His music is written from a vulnerable and real place, from his pain and past experiences.

Isaac Mather "On His Time"

Isaac Mather goes in-depth during On His Time

This official documentary shares his story. From being bedridden and wheelchair-bound to being healed and making music about the journey in between.

Isaac Mather is a Christian rap/pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. He uses his God-given testimony to relate with and impact people through his music. Isaac didn’t have a “normal” childhood. He was bedridden at the age of 10 from complications associated with Lyme Disease and two Co-Infections. He was angry at God during this time, struggling to understand what good could come from such a trial.

Over the next seven years, there were many ups and downs. Isaac began to struggle with a whole host of chronic health issues including; Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, brain inflammation, CIDP, and an Auto Immune Disorder.

A lot of mental health issues were brought on by this. Pain and depression were closer than ever to him.

Isaac and his family sought every path to healing, including traveling to NYC for a week each month for six months for a very extreme treatment called Plasmapheresis. While receiving this treatment, a home nurse would come to Isaac’s house three days a week for 18 months to administer an additional treatment called IVIG. There were many days he would not be able to get out of bed.

He began to lose the ability to sit in a chair because the pain in his legs was so bad. He had to bring his laptop into his bed to create music. Quitting seemed like an easy option. But the Lord had other plans.

Pain Is Turned into Passion

Isaac daily lives with his Tourette’s. However, the Lord has brought much healing to his life both physically and mentally. Isaac has seen many doctors and has had test after test over the years.

It’s hard to say what exactly helped him. He started going to a health and wellness clinic back in 2018 and has been using BioEnergetic sprays which he noticed seemed to help immensely. The intense treatments Isaac was able to receive to aid in his healing would not have been possible without the Lord’s provision.

He used many individuals, families, ministries, and churches who gave generously and prayed fervently. Isaac can do everything he once used to be able to do before his sicknesses. He uses his story and his experiences to be vulnerable through the music he creates. He is looking forward to what the Lord will do with his music and speaking in the days and years ahead!

Isaac Mather has been featured on several media platforms including FiveTwenty Collective, The Bookkeeper247, and Dude FM

Isaac Mather release new song “You’d Never Call Me” about rejection, something Jesus experience more than any human being. This song comes from a place of hurt and personal feelings. I hope it impacts and helps others who feel the same way.

I Can Only Imagine is a song with great meaning for Isaac Mather. So much so that he decided to do his own cover version.

During his 7-year health journey, there were many nights when Mather’s parents didn’t know if he would wake up the next morning. The Lord had a plan and a purpose for it all. To share his story of healing and redemption, Mather turned to a song that moves him deeply.

Watch the video below.

Listen to this song from Isaac Mather after I Can Only Imagine.

Check out this new single from Isaac Mather titled Say Ur Sorry. Isaac wrote this song because of the way people made him feel doing his life. This song can be related to people that feel like outsiders or misfits. Vibe out to this and enjoy it.

Want more music from Isaac Mather? Check this out!

Being friend zoned hurts. Most of us have dealt with it at some point in our lives. Isaac Mather’s newest song, Now I Know, goes into depth about his own personal experience with rejection.

This song is for the person who needs to let go of someone, but can’t.

Isaac Mather and Justin Binnicker contemplate their inability to rid themselves of those who hurt them. Both have struggled with letting toxic people influence and define how they see themselves. In creating this song, both artists hope to reach and impact others with this struggle, as well as find freedom personally from the trauma that relationships have caused them. Isaac and Justin have been working on this song for over a year. During that time they have continued to grow in their own friendship. This song was and is an outlet they both have used to relate with each other. Isaac used his production and engineering expertise to steer the project in the right direction, ultimately making this song something both artists are proud of.

Imagine having a one on one conversation with your mind as if it were a person. What would you say? Well, this song is that conversation, going into depth about the pain and anguish it has caused.