Most of our lives we play the game of chicken with God, and we choose on a regular basis to go our own path as though we know better, and what’s really good for us. What we fail to realize that even in us choosing our own path, that somewhere in the middle of that path, we end up colliding with God’s will. This topic leads into us discussing the fact that even in our own circumstances we have not failed to depend on God that he has our best interest at hand, and that our faith is tested through adversity. There’s also some rants about the weakness of our hearts, and Conspiracy Corner may sneak into this topic.

Secondly, we talk about BurnOut – Not just in life, our work but also in calling and in ministry. We keep it short and sweet, but offer some very practical advice and understandings on the topic. We go through some personal experience, and also state many realities that we as people fail to see. Many of us deal with burnout, and we know talking about it will help someone.

Last but not least, our playlist:
– Rescue Me by Rezurrection feat. Shelby Sullivan
– Victory Lap by Fearless feat. Choyce
– Tha Good Life by Tymon ft. Dub Dub
– Surrender by Daniel Israel
– War Ain’t Over by Dante James
– I’ll Go by Jeremy Duncan feat. Enon
– Birds by God’s Gift the Christian Rapper
– Me vs. Me by Xempt feat. Scribe Music
– Running to You by Shyne on Me

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