GB x Legacy "No Problem"

GB x Legacy | “No Problem”

The latest offering from TLS (The Listening Session), GB & Legacy warns about the inherent dangers of a paper-chasing mindset. When the relentless pursuit of material wealth becomes the focal point, the journey to obtain it becomes treacherous, while the acquisition of it leaves a person unfulfilled.

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of DINO NUGGETS, FiveTwenty’s music discovery show! Half podcast, half radio show, on DINO NUGGETS each host brings

  • One new CHH release
  • One old CHH release
  • One non CHH release

to listen to and discuss. For this episode Darius is joined by FiveTwenty Collective’s Eric Boston to talk about fresh releases from the month of June, the future of the indie tribe., CHH collaboration history, and rock band comeback music. Listen on the FiveTwenty Collective Substack now! Plus you can paste into your favorite podcast app to get new episodes automatically in your podcast feed. Tune in!

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Background music: Satellite Kite (Instrumentals) by Beautiful Eulogy



GB, JusRzd, & TLS – The Recipe

indie tribe. – CASKET (Live from Holy Smoke Sessions)

Phonetic Composition – Word Perfect

John Wells – The Tonic – The Signature

Anberlin – Lacerate

Origami Angel – The Brightest Days

GB "The Recipe"

GB and JusRzd drop a rallying cry for independent artists, The Recipe

You don’t need the “machine” that is the industry in order to succeed. Stay true to what you believe and build with others who do the same and you can do well for yourself in music. Officially his first release with the collective, GB is accompanied by TLS’s own JusRzd for this laid-back, boom-bap vibe.

GB "That's On Muvas"
GB pays homage to DMV roots with That’s On Muvas

A phrase unique to the DMV (DC-MD-VA) area, “on muvas” best equates to “on my momma” or “on everything I love”. Any statement preceding or following it ensures honesty and authenticity. GB pulls back the curtain to give listeners a glimpse of the maturation of the love between him and his wife of nearly 8 years. Accompanied by the soulful crooning of fellow DMV native, UWEM, GB provides warm and fuzzy, feel-good vibes and vulnerable lyrics — That’s On Muvas. Produced by 1995.

GB "Fearless"

Fearless finds GB wrestling with self-doubt, ultimately choosing to free himself from everything he believes is holding him back.

Overthinking, fear of failure, and the expectations of others, to name a few. He’s choosing to do things differently going forward, moving without fear.

GB, "Back To You"

GB reminisces with the new single, Back To You

Back To You finds GB reminiscing about his lowest moments in life and how God carried him through those moments. “God’s never left me; if anything, I’ve left Him. In the end, I always come running back to Him. For anyone who’s gone through a painful experience — we all have — I encourage you to go to God.”

Available now across digital platforms, Back To You was produced by 1995.

GB goes against the grain with new single, On The Edge.

A lot of the mainstream rap & hip-hop is over-saturated with content that glorifies negativity and harmful perspectives on life. In the process of looking for an alternative approach, GB spent time away from the noise, deepening his faith, honing his craft, and being all-around productive. This record pairs lyrically-heavy vocals with ominous, yet hard-hitting production.

Listen to more GB here.

GB and JP KILLED IT team up on the new single Do It Again.

The best way to quiet critics, even your own self-doubt, is to repeat your success. Whatever you’ve achieved, whatever accolades you received, you’re capable of “running it back” and yielding the same end result: Victory. It’s time to silence the doubters.

Are you feeling Do It Again? Check out this previous release from GB.

GB offers hope and encouragement with Jo’s Song.

Jo’s Song is a heartfelt song meant to encourage others dealing with tragedy and loss, especially during the holiday season.

GB and OnBeatMusic go “lights-out” with Fade to Black.

The collaborative effort between the rapper and producer extraordinaire is an in-your-face, high-energy record. Fade To Black is an unapologetic reminder to not censor yourself to make others comfortable. Don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said.