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A year ago over 30 creatives camped for 10 days to make music. Here happened when producer Grimm decided to make a beat with a lot of “live” elements. After the hook was written, Máyọ̀wá & Phrv took turns to express how hard it is to notice God in the midst of their depression. In the end, they all find peace in God’s word (Joshua 1:9) where He says we shouldn’t be afraid. He’s with us wherever we go. Featuring Eazy Bob Wizzy.

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On Season Three | Ep. 09 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast:

  • Featured song “WRM” by Eazy Bob Wizzy
  • Industry Insider Interview with Brian “Z” Zisook (Audiomack Co-founder, Editor In Chief of DJ Booth)
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“WRM” on Audiomack https://audiomack.com/eazybobwizzy/song/01-wrm-mstr

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WRM / She Cares is a two-pack single from CHH Naija artist Eazy Bob Wizzy.

WRM is a chill hip-hop song. It discusses the various pressures of being a young adult in today’s society. We become so consumed by financial security/making our dreams a reality that our relationship with God and others suffers. Other times we lack the zeal to pursue our dreams or love people because of how drained we are due to scars from the past.

The song is inspired by 1 John 2:16

She Cares: When we venture into a new relationship when we’ve barely healed from scars of the past, we sometimes find ourselves avoiding situations that lead to fully opening up to our significant other. We’ll do anything to avoid addressing issues about fully committing.