Well, here we are. Officially less than one week from Thomas Iannucci releasing the third installment of his CHH trilogy.

You may remember that Iannucci joined me on the most recent episode of the Beyond the DMs podcast where we talked about Sleepless Nights and Makana, albums one and two.

In case you missed it, check it out here.

The new project, Doubting Thomas, releases on December 18, 2020, and features the new single “Rage” with Sonny Sandoval from the band P.O.D.

Now we dive into the finale, stepping out of the shadows of Christian Hip Hop, and what the future entails in Iannucci’s own words.

The Trilogy

“I’m a writer and all great stories are, generally speaking, broken up into three acts: The Beginning, The Middle, and The End. I have always liked trilogies and I’ve always believed that good things come in threes.”

This is the final album in my CHH trilogy. The completion of that story and that journey. The culmination of my time in CHH. After this, I will be transitioning into mainstream hip hop.

“This isn’t my first trilogy incidentally.

My first three projects in high school and early college were part of a trilogy that constituted the best I possibly could do making music on zero budget. I wanted to see how well I could push myself before taking the next step.

As for the CHH trilogy, I break it down like this…

Sleepless Nights, also called Notti Insonni, was the first in the trilogy, my first studio-level project.

After years of dropping stuff recorded at home, it was the first time I’d really invested time and money into a project. The quality was a huge step up.

Thematically, I was much more introspective than ever before, diving into my own head and my faith over the course of a short EP (structured over the concept of a restless night of sleep).”

“I followed that up with Makana, my introduction to the broader CHH and hip hop community in general.

It won me the Nā Hōkū Hanohano award for Best Hip Hop Album, but it also got me real fans for the first time.

It was the first album to capture the attention of blogs like Rapzilla, New H2o, Trackstarz, etc. Once again, it delved into my faith and really leaned into the CHH culture. I collabed with artists like 1kPhew, Swift, Je’kob, and Gemstones. [It] had production from Spechouse and Big Juice.”

Doubting Thomas is the culmination of my journey within CHH. It’s my sharpest CHH project.

The production quality has never been higher, my skills have never been better, and the features have never been bigger. It’s coming after my winning the fan vote and making the Rapzilla Freshman list as well as Trackstarz’ Next Up artist list. The timing was right and it made sense.

It’s an exploration of faith and mental health. An exploration of doubts, if you will, and also a love letter to the subgenre that has done so much for me. After that, I continue the work J. Crum and I began in Kuleana.”

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