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D-Rock is back with a little something different!

Without Your Love is a heartfelt Hip Hop/ Worship track. On this record, D-Rock shares about his struggles and trials. All of those things that weighed on him, from depression and anxiety to beating himself up over past failures. We all go through trials and we all face opposition in one way or another, but we don’t walk through them alone!

Produced: r13prod

Engineered: DJLC

Features: DJLC

On Deaf Ears is about blocking out the devil from trying to use temptation and false ideology. To twist the mindset of the everyday Christian.

Features: Jack Tyler

The song is about facing adversity head-on. Continuing to pursue the dream that God has planted. Fighting any battle that comes your way.

Features: Kelo

The song is an anthem for over-comers of adversity who have dealt with pain, depression, anxiety, etc. Sometimes it feels like a bomb about to go off in my head, but Jesus is the only way I don’t lose myself and keep my heart under control.

This high-energy track focuses on getting that second chance. DJLC and BRM blast off with God’s help. Do you believe that He’s got you? Now Picture That!

This song is just about elevating and moving in the upward direction while living and serving Christ. “I think me and Xay were just on a different planet when we made this track and God has both of our careers elevating” – DJLC

Features: Xay Hill

Pour It Up is a track about turning to God instead of vices and addictions. We all look to something for comfort. Nothing is more healing than The Great Physician.

Features: DJLC, Authority Sound

Hnst-T faces addiction head-on with new single “Pour It Up”

Arizona – Gospel Rap artist Hnst-T has returned with renewed focus and intent in 2021.

His joint effort “B4 I Die” (with Dillon Chase, DJLC, & Authority Sound) showcased his growth as an artist along with newfound creative freedom. On his newest record “Pour It Up” he again teams up with DJLC to face struggles head-on.

“Pour It Up” releases on digital retailers on May 14, 2021. Pre-save/Pre-order now.

Produced and engineered by Authority Sound, the song is a personal one for Hnst-T. 

Pour It Up is a track about turning to God instead of vices and addictions,” explains Hnst-T. “We all look to something for comfort. Nothing is more healing than The Great Physician.”

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Song Details

Title: Pour It Up

Artist: Hnst-T

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Feature: DJLC

Production: Authority Sound

Engineering: Authority Sound

The song is about living in eternity with the Lord and continuing to serve Him no matter the circumstances.

The song is about coming back to Christ after being a backslider. “Moving forward is the only way we can inherit the blessings that GOD has for us.”