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FiveTwenty Collective Podcast: Season Four | Ep. 02


This month’s episode includes an Industry Insider Interview with MC Till (@mctill) of Everybody’s Hip Hop and the Boom Bap Review. We also kick off a series about deconstruction, starting with defining this controversial term.


Podcast theme by Pacaso Ramirez | Music by DJ Barrcode/Barrcode Beats | Episode Sponsors: Josh D., “Get Up”, The Bookkeeper247

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Eric N. Boston – @EricBoston3

xeroforhire – @xeroforhire

Additional Links

“Faith Deconstruction: What It Is and How It Works” by Josh de Keijzer – https://joshdekeyzer.com/faith-deconstruction/

Boom Bap Review – boombapreview.com

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Check out the full, extended interview from Season Three, Episode 12 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast (December 2021) with Sto.