Review | PoetiCS & Xay Hill “Turbo/Grafx”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 23, 2019

When PoetiCS hits you up and asks you to review a song, do you really say no?

Anytime that the drums are brought in it becomes a special time in the CHH world.

Throughout 2018 the duo of PoetiCS and Xay Hill proved to be among the elite pairings in the industry. The combination of production and performing ability is something that is simply difficult to just make happen. It is one of those situations of paths crossing at the perfect time.

“Turbo/Grafx” is no exception.

If I’m going to be critical of anything on this song it is this. I wish the mix on the verses was a bit cleaner.

Outside of that, you have high-quality production along with a catchy hook that is worthy of placement in the next Fast & Furious motion picture.

“If life’s fast, I’m fast, I’ve been speeding it boy!”

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