Review | CZAR Josh, “IDWCMH”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | January 23, 2019

I Don’t Wanna Comb My Hair and I don’t have to!

Okay, that isn’t quite the point, but this song will have you feeling good none the less.

Culture Villains are setting up for a big 2019. “IDWCMH” by CZAR Josh is one of two singles that is setting the stage. The other being “Roll the Dice” from the newest CV member Kham.

Both singles will be featured on the upcoming collaboration album ‘Preseason’.

Former (?) CHH artist John Givez re-emerges within the culture on the hook, which is exceptional.

In a spirit of complete honesty, the first time I listened to this track I was not blown away. I thought, “eh, it’s not bad.”

However, the track grew on me the more I listened to it. Not only that but my homeroom class has adopted it as an anthem of sorts (I’m that teacher who cranks up music in between periods). Now I can safely say that “IDWCMH” has become one of my early favorites of 2019.

Perhaps I was just distracted the first time I heard it. That happens with four kids running around.

I love the laid back, slightly lo-fi feel of the track. The guitar sample on the production is a true vibe and the feel definitely stands out against the CHH landscape. The overall mix is solid and the vocals ride on top of the beat well.

I’m excited to hear more out of CZAR Josh and the rest of Culture Villains this year and you should be too.

“I do it for me, I do it for God, reverse that order/ cause He’s where I get my healing from and how I’m moving forward”

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