Justcallmedt | ‘Sabbatical’ @Justcallme_dt

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | October 8, 2022

SABBATICAL is a double-single release from Justcallmedt.

SABBATICAL represents DT’s 8-month long season away from social media and distractions so that he could take the time needed to process, grieve the death of his best friend, cope, self-evaluate, and adjust. The two songs offer two moods, one for REFLECTION titled, “Rinse Cycle II” and the other for REVITALIZATION titled, “MIDAS”. DT’s hope is that the songs may provide the same hope, comfort, and motivation to the listeners as they did for him while creating them.

Revisit this classic from Justcallmedt and A-Dub White.

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